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We are redefining what’s possible by uniting software development services with digital marketing solutions. Combined expertise to ensure your product’s success.

Welcome to Our Digital Home

If you’re interested in our story, our team, or how we work, then you’ve come to the right place.
Our Core Values and Vision
At Scopic, our values and vision are the cornerstone of our identity, shaping every aspect of our work and guiding our path forward. Grounded in integrity, dedication, and ingenuity, we tackle complex challenges with innovative solutions.
Our mission is to empower businesses worldwide with customized software solutions and impactful digital marketing strategies, enabling them to surpass their digital ambitions.


We prioritize dependability and trustworthiness, consistently delivering on our commitments with steadfast reliability.


Our commitment to open and honest communication fosters clarity and trust in every interaction with our clients.


We genuinely invest in our clients’ success and well-being, going above and beyond to support and nurture their growth.

Problem Solving

We excel at tackling complex challenges, viewing each obstacle as an opportunity for creative problem-solving and innovation.

About Scopic

Born in Massachusetts, US, founded in 2006, and connected worldwide, we’ve been working with the latest innovators, coders, and creators ever since.
We deliver custom software development and digital marketing solutions to some of the world’s greatest minds: our clients. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with hundreds of companies from various industries, helping them achieve their software and marketing goals.
The Scopic Story

How It All Began

Tim Burr – Founder
Our founder, Tim Burr, has always been an enthusiast of software development and design. Inspired by the idea of revolutionizing industries, he was driven to create new and exciting solutions for clients around the world. Beginning his career in Silicon Valley, he participated in nearly 30 major commercial software product releases before breathing life into the Scopic movement.

Starting out with a single employee – himself, Tim combined his software expertise with his renowned industry experience and passion for transformative software. Two decades later, and with over 280 employees, we still value each and every one of our clients and are as passionate about their success as we are about our own.

Why Scopic?

Open any dictionary and look for the longest English word. Here’s what you’ll find:
It’s difficult to pronounce and even harder to spell, but if you look carefully, “scopic” is right in the center. And that’s the secret recipe to our success:
We’re right in the center of what’s challenging.
We know how to overcome complicated problems.
We translate your ideas into unique digital products.
We understand exactly what your audience needs.

Innovate Your Way

Why Wait for Your Audience to Find You?
It’s no longer enough to turn a great idea into a working application. You need to strive towards excellence by taking your ideas beyond the finished product.
At Scopic, we offer software development services with custom UX design and full-service digital marketing. Our unique, all-in-one agency was created to revolutionize industries and make our client’s products not only survive but thrive!
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Industry Versatility

Sourcing talent from around the world, our software developers, designers, and digital marketers have experience working in a wide range of industries.

















The Scopic Flow

Every project is different. Every company is unique.
Every project is different. Every company is unique.
Whether you’re in the brainstorming stage, already have your specifications in place, or have an existing product in need of some TLC – we will adapt to your needs and support you at any stage of your software development project, no matter your budget, industry, or company size. We view our client relationships as genuine partnerships, built on trust and collaboration. Let’s explore how we can make your ideas a reality:

Client Testimonials

Hear from some of our clients to see what they think of our all-in-one Scopic solution.

The Scopic Timeline

Our Journey Through the Years
We’d Love to Hear About Your Project Vision
We treat each email we receive personally and cherish every partnership we build. Transform your ideas. Bring your projects to life.
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Let’s make your ideas happen.
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