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Who we are

US-based Scopic Software is a leading authority in quality, economical custom solutions for web, mobile and desktop.
Founded in 2006, Scopic now has over 200 team members spread all over the world. We might be a global company, but we cater to specific, local needs.
Nothing inspires us more than the challenge of finding the right solution for a complicated problem.
Above all, we are dedicated to building unique applications for our clients.

Since our establishment, we’ve enjoyed sustained growth and strive to make an impact in the world of software development.
As our company matures we’ve stayed focused on what really matters: attracting and retaining global talent,
developing dynamic solutions that leverage the latest technologies and maintaining successful partnerships with our clients.

What we value


    Without the diverse men and women that make up Scopic Software, we wouldn’t be here today.
    Because we’re a global office, we can choose our team members based on aptitude and experience, not location.


    We emphasize clear and honest interactions throughout the development process, both internally and externally.
    Because we work remotely, we can’t depend on non-verbal cues.
    We rely on team members who know how to communicate in timely and direct ways.


    Our expertise doesn’t just hinge on mastering the latest technologies, but knowing when and where to use them to develop your unique solution.


    Our goal isn’t just to create vibrant and media-rich interactive solutions, but also to expand into emerging industries with whatever new technologies the future holds.


    We are fair and honest, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we value our relationship with you and want to continue our partnership in the future.
    That’s why we let our clients use the same online systems we use so that you have a straightforward look into daily activities.


    We treat your project as if it was our own. We consider ourselves to be a high-value provider – challenging work done with top quality results at low prices.

Our Team

Scopic Founder

Tim Burr Founder

Tim is a software industry veteran he’s been in the game for over 30 years.
He has worked for large companies such as IBM and Teradyne as well as fledgling startups like Adaptive Media and Mok3.

Tim spent the go-go 90’s in Silicon Valley and has participated in nearly 30 major commercial software product releases.
He is an expert in all forms of media 3D, video, imagery, GIS, etc. and all ways to use them for your application needs.

Scopic Team

The Team

Our talented team of designers, developers, QA engineers and project managers are located in over 30 countries all over the world.

Our geographical distance doesn’t hinder us. Instead, it encourages us to communicate more effectively and collaborate more efficiently.

We specialize in transforming ideas from the theoretical stage into rich and customized web, mobile and desktop solutions.
Our goal isn’t just to create fresh solutions, but also to expand into emerging industries with whatever new technologies the future holds. We can’t wait to work with you.

History Timeline

May 2006

After spending two decades in the software industry, Tim Burr set off on his own and founded Scopic Software with
just a single employee: himself.

April 2007

In less than one year Scopic’s team increased to five employees located in as many countries.

September 2008

Not only did Scopic survive the global financial crisis, we thrived in spite of it.

June 2009

Three years after its inception, Scopic Software had 25 active projects in its roster.

June 2010

Within four years, Scopic’s workforce had expanded to 50 employees.

January 2011

Scopic Software rang in the New Year with this milestone: 50 active projects

August 2012

As one of the world’s leading providers in high-value, low-cost solutions, Scopic’s team increased to 100 employees to keep up with demand.

August 2013

Seven years after its establishment, Scopic Software reached a landmark: 100 completed projects.

October 2014

Scopic was simultaneously developing 125 solutions for clients all over the world, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

January 2015

Scopic Software rang in the New Year with this milestone: 150 active projects


Scopic Software wouldn’t be where it is today without its talented team of over 200 employees in more than 30 countries.

We are experts in

Web development

Over 600 web apps developed

Mobile development

Over 200 mobile apps developed

Desktop development

Over 150 desktop apps developed

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