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Scopic’s Global Tech Team

Your Partner in Digital Innovation

In a world driven by technology, Scopic stands as a beacon of innovation, harnessing the transformative power of software to empower businesses and shape the future. We recognize that software is no longer merely a tool, but rather a driving force that propels businesses towards unparalleled growth and success.

About us

Our Story

At Scopic, we live in today’s dynamic business environment, where technology seamlessly intertwines with every aspect of operations.

Our team of passionate and experienced software developers is committed to crafting innovative solutions that meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.

With a global presence spanning multiple time zones, we offer unmatched availability and responsiveness, ensuring that your project is always in expert hands. We seamlessly blend diverse perspectives and skill sets to create a dynamic environment where creativity thrives, and excellence is the norm.

“Forged as a company that has diversity in its core, Scopic has successfully proven to be resilient and stable when the rest of the world is not. Our global footprint, talented people and desire to be at the forefront of technology have enabled us to remain strong and stable for almost two decades now. Together with our clients, we hope to continue shaping the future one code line at a time.”

Mladen Lazic

Unveiling Our Strengths

Discover what sets us apart


Our team’s diverse backgrounds and skill sets create a dynamic blend of ideas and solutions. We embrace the power of varied perspectives.


We put our clients at the heart of everything we do. Your success is our goal, and we go the extra mile to
achieve it.


We’re always at the forefront of technology trends. Our hunger for innovation drives us to explore new tools and techniques.


Scopic’s global reach means we collaborate across time zones and cultures seamlessly, providing higher level of flexibility when supporting our clients’ needs. Our worldwide presence fuels creativity and results.

Meet Our Team

A Global Collective of Software Experts

Our software team is composed of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, each bringing unique perspectives and expertise to the table. We work together in a collaborative and supportive environment, sharing knowledge and fostering innovation. 

Ruell Magpayo
Senior Developer
Ismael Humberto de la Riva
Senior Developer
Tracy Luong
Senior Developer
Milena Radevic
Project Manager

Alan Omarov
Solution Architect

Nhat Bui
Solution Architect

Diogo Campanha
Senior Developer

Jana Djordjevic
Intermediate Developer

Ekaterina Popova
Senior Developer

Tan Jackson
Technical Lead

Taras Shchehelskyi
Principal Engineer

Samad Ibrahim
Senior Developer

Brahim Djerdjar
Senior Developer

Bogdan Marchuk
Principal Engineer

Radu Rad
Senior Developer

Vasili Zhuk

Technical Lead

Yididiya Gebredingel

Sergij Rylskyj
Technical Lead

Ali Benabbes
Technical Lead

Azmi Roqi

Senior Developer 

Tim Burr

Chairman of the Board

Tim Burr is a software industry veteran with 40 years of experience. He has worked in companies both big and small including several Silicon Valley VC-funded startups during the internet boom years of the 1990s. After founding Scopic in 2006, he has grown the company into a multi-faceted software product services company with a worldwide footprint and a focus on next-generation technologies.

Ready to Reach New Heights with Advanced Tech Innovation?

Step into a future of untapped possibilities and substantial gains. With Scopic as your ally, expect a journey marked by tailored tech innovation, increased profit margins, and a dominant presence in your industry.