Bot Solutions: A New Way to Connect with Customers

Bots can engage effortlessly with customers on your website and their favorite social networks all day, every day.

Chatbot Solutions for Businesses: Take Customer Relations to The Next Level

Through custom chatbot development, Scopic can help your business scale while opening meaningful conversations with your clients and prospects.

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The Best Chatbot Services For Your Business

There are numerous ways bot solutions can help your business communicate with your customers, from directing calls to placing product orders. Our chatbot development services create solutions that:

Finance & Trading



Customer Service



Respond to FAQs

Provide IT support and troubleshooting

Facilitate sales

Represent your brand

Guide users through catalogues

Coordinate product ordering

Real Estate 

Handle customer service

Filter preliminary requests

Get to know your customers

Take reservations or menu orders

Send live alerts about new content

Showcase your portfolio

Do you want a Custom Bot Solution?


Why all the hype? Because bot solutions are scalable, effective, user-friendly, and easy-to-manage.

Chatbots are software programs that integrate with websites and popular messaging platforms to automate dialogue with customers and page visitors, simulating a human conversation. Customized chatbot solutions, instead of chatbot platforms, can perfectly fit your business needs.

By using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies, chatbot solutions evolve with every interaction, adapting to the nuances of human users.

Chatbots initiate conversations and respond to questions instantaneously in an accessible, human-like way. When built correctly, they can screen initial messages before passing the torch to your team or promote your brand with a dynamic personality.

Conversational AI is increasingly critical to how modern businesses engage with their customers.

Leading tech platforms predict that chatbot solutions will be the #1 AI consumer application by 2020.

More than 30K bot solutions for business were launched in 2016 alone.

Case Study: Commercial Chatbot Web Services for a Better Customer Experience

Why Choose Custom Chatbot Development?

Customers are allergic to lengthy user guides. Mobile Outfitters knew they needed to find a better way to help customers troubleshoot challenges with their products. But, employing people to provide 24/7 technical support is costly.

On a hunch, they reached out to Scopic for custom chatbot development. Scopic’s team learned everything they could about Mobile Outfitters’ clients and the issues they face, to develop just the right bot for their business.

When Mobile Outfitters’ customers encounter a technical issue, the company's custom chatbot solution can start a conversation, answering their questions with helpful information from the troubleshooting guide and a touch of human personality.

In addition to addressing client issues, the Mobile Outfitters troubleshooting chatbot is programmed to collect information about the customers it interacts with and generate full conversation logs for review. The Scopic development team built it such that the company can manage their chatbot independently – in a fraction of the time they could spend on customer support.

Do You Want to Build Better Customer Experience for Your Business?

Custom Chatbot Development that Makes Customers Happy

Eric Griffin, Co-founder, Mobile Outfitters

“Scopic developed our IBM Watson-based AI chatbot and knocked it out of the park. After trying, and failing, to get this project developed with other companies, I’m so glad I found Scopic. They are the first software development company I’ve ever worked with that was on time, on budget, and gave constant communication along the way!”

How can chatbot app development benefit my business?

A custom chatbot solution can be invaluable to enterprises of all sizes: from large, successful corporations to small startups and everything in between.

Cut Costs

Having employees handle repetitive Q&A is no longer cost-effective. Custom chatbot solutions save staff time without leaving your customers out to dry.

Engage Visitors

Today’s web browsers want instantaneous communication. Build rapport with new visitors to your site by starting a conversation.

Personalize Customer Support

Commercial chatbot web services provide round-the-clock 24/7 personalized support with answers to FAQs, step-by-step troubleshooting, and automated sales.

Grow Your Sales

Don’t let prospects navigate away unattended. Commercial chatbot web services help you interact, offer advice, and convert hesitant visits into closed deals.

Improve User Experience

Conversation is intuitive to human nature. Make purchasing your product or engaging with your brand feel as natural as a chatting with a friend. 

Outshine the Competition

Utilizing cutting-edge technology is not just functional and cost-effective; it also shows your visitors that you’re ahead of the curve.

Are you looking for a custom chatbot solution?

Chatbot Development Services with Scopic

Trust our team of over 250 global software experts with your chatbot. One of the largest virtual companies in the world, we know what it takes to craft AI conversationalists that engage and delight your customers.

Whether you already know exactly what you need or just want to learn more about how chatbots can add value to your business, we’re here to help.

Scopic offers high-value, low-cost chatbot development services. We utilize the latest machine learning technologies to create chatbots that get smarter with every interaction.

Custom Chatbot Solutions & More

As a full-service software provider, Scopic not only ensures your chatbot is up and running. We also offer monitoring, marketing, and more.

End-to-End Solutions

Our experienced team handles everything from chatbot architecture design to development, security, and monitoring.


Every enterprise is different. We build bot solutions that reflect your unique workflow and customer profile.


Our lean office-less structure saves clients time and expense, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Global Expertise

Our team includes top developers, designers, marketers, QAs, and project managers from over 30 countries. 

Software Development & Maintenance

User Experience and Interface Design

Technical Consultations

Software Architecture Design

App Marketing Services

Promotional Websites

Monitoring, Reporting, and Analytics

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