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Are you looking to outrank your competitors and increase organic traffic through an SEO service agency?

You can rank higher with Scopic’s professional SEO services. Whether you are launching a new website, optimizing for local SEO, or need help fixing your site speed – you can rely on our expert SEO services.
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A Myriad of SEO Services to Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Our SEO consultants always provide a free consultation to determine your needs and goals and suggest a course of action that will bring SEO results and increase conversions.
In the past 15+ years, we have developed hundreds of effective SEO strategies for our clients. Curious to join their ranks and partner with a professional SEO company? Contact us today to get a free quote.
Depending on the nature of your business, certain SEO optimizations will be a better fit for your company than the others. For instance, a restaurant will benefit from a Google My Business profile, while a SaaS tool could use some search engine marketing tricks. Here’s a quick breakdown of all SEO management services

What are SEO Services?

Search engine optimization services intend to improve the visibility of
your website with the goal of bringing organic traffic to your pages.

Local SEO Services

If you want to bring more customers to your physical locations, you need proper off-site optimization, such as an optimized Google My Business account.

White-label SEO


If you are a professional SEO company looking to outsource some of your work to a reliable provider – we’ve got you covered.

On-page SEO/
Technical SEO/
Building Backlinks


Optimizing your website, including on page SEO services, is the key to increasing your online presence, building authority, and increasing impressions. That’s where a combination of these three areas of SEO comes helpful.

E-Commerce SEO

Improve your product analytics and reach top product rankings with our SEO marketing company.

Affiliate Marketing

If you want to advertise products on your website and bring search engine algorithms to your affiliates – we can help you out.
Now that you have a better understanding of proper site optimization, let’s take a look at the typical SEO plan of action.

Depending on the nature of your business, you will need a combination of different SEO techniques.
Our well-rounded professional SEO company provides all kinds of SEO work.

Professional SEO Services Agency – The
Winning Workflow

Avoid common SEO mistakes! Optimizing a website for search engines takes time, expertise, and research. We take time to carefully listen to your goals and set priorities before optimizing your website in line with the best SEO trends. Curious to know what sets Scopic apart from other SEO companies?
Here’s our winning SEO recipe:

Goal Setting

First, our SEO specialists will carefully listen to your goals, and gain a deeper understanding of your business and the market. This will help us to define your strategy and pick the right search engine optimization services for your business.

Content & On-page SEO Optimization

Optimizing your website to search engine algorithms is essential if you want to get lots of organic search traffic on your pages. We’ll make sure to craft 100%-optimized headings, title tags, and meta descriptions in line with the keywords that are crucially important for your SEO campaign.

Website Audit & Competitive Analysis

Everyone wants to rise to the top of the search engine rankings. If you already have a website, we’ll run a thorough SEO audit and combine it with competitor research to get a clear idea on your “weak points”, and competitors’ target keywords and strengths.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO services include making your website crawlable by search engines. Here we include internal linking, user experience improvements, HTML code inlining, image optimization, mobile-first indexing, and adding schema markups to hit all the required performance KPI metrics.

Keyword Research

This may be one of the most important steps during the optimization process. During this phase, we discover how your website visitors and future clients are discovering your website. This research helps us optimize your website pages to answer the questions and provide the information your visitors are looking for.

Off-Page & Local SEO Services

We’ll run a backlink audit to see how search engines discover your pages, how many people have shared your external links, and if your business is visible on social media. Based on that information, we will implement needed SEO link building strategies needed to get your website to the first page of Google. We will also take care of removing toxic backlinks that hinder your performance. Businesses that have a physical location or offices can benefit from our Boston-based local SEO services as well.

Topic Research

With artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) becoming more accessible in online searches, it’s important to optimize your website for these technologies. Keyword research and topic research aim to understand the user intent behind different search terms. These two are the building blocks of any good SEO strategy.

SEO Reporting, Monitoring and SEO Consulting

We are proud to offer our clients complete transparency and proven SEO services. In just half a year, we brought a 21X increase in organic search traffic to our SEO client. The secret is in constant monitoring through Google Analytics, reporting and timely content optimization to meet emerging trends. This is what makes Scopic one of the best SEO companies.

Optimization Mapping

Next, our SEO experts create a comprehensive optimization plan that will target every area of the SEO world. We’ll report on progress frequently and stay within your budget.

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Unsure about the starting point? An audit is an excellent first step, and you can get FREE SEO
audit services from us. Our experts will conduct a thorough SEO audit of your website covering:
  • Overall Health

Find broken URLs, blocked pages, and other roadblocks to optimal performance.

  • Content Concerns

Find areas for improvement in your content, like duplicated content or searchability issues.

  • Technical Problems

Uncover technical issues that may be impacting your site’s performance.

  • Summary & Traffic

Get an evaluation of your current SEO status, keyword performance, and an estimation of potential traffic improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Free SEO Tips?

We’ve written an ebook to guide our clients and other small business owners through the world of search engine optimization. Download the free SEO eBook and find out everything you need to know to set up your website for success.

Do You Offer Other Professional SEO Services?

Definitely! Together with our development and marketing teams, we offer a range of services. They include: copywriting for SEO, website speed optimization, web development, and design, PPC advertising, Google My Business setup and optimization, and backlink strategies to name a few.

What is eCommerce SEO?

ECommerce SEO is the process of optimizing a website with all its product pages to increase visibility on search engines. By researching relevant keywords and combining them with optimized copywriting and web design you can increase your business’s visibility, grow website traffic and checkouts.

Can You Optimize Google My Business Pages?

Sure! Google My Business (GMB) is a practical application that allows your business to be discovered in search engines and maps. We’ll improve your listing with images, business hours, visual tours, product updates, offers, and posts.

What is Local SEO?

With the rise of GPS-enabled smartphones, Google has provided more results based on current user locations. Local SEO is the process of optimizing a website so it ranks in the Google Local Listings Map Pack. This is a special featured ‘box’ of websites that are close to the searcher. This box is displayed on the top of the page even before the organic search results. If you rank here you may get more traffic than the website which is currently ranked at the #1 organic position.

What are Your Starting Rates?

At Scopic we offer free estimates where our SEO experts will research your business and compile a marketing recommendations document. As an SEO agency, we charge an hourly rate starting from as low as $28 per hour.

Does Scopic Follow Best Practices?

Yes, our teams are constantly researching and staying updated about the latest SEO trends, algorithm changes, and strategy-related news. We closely follow Google’s Quality Guidelines when creating and implementing search engine optimization.

Do you need a professional SEO services company?

Trust Scopic to deliver the results you need and increase your ROI!