A Team Communication App That Fits Your Needs Take Control of Your Company’s Messaging with Kreo

We built a core set of messaging functionality

that you can take as a building block to create your unique, highly-customizable and tightly integrated team communication app. From telemedicine to finance to marketing, Kreo is tailored to perfectly fit your industry-specific needs. 

It's called Kreo!

You don’t have to compromise anymore

Use Kreo as the base to build exactly the team communication solution your business needs and your staff wants without the sacrifices you would usually have to make when using packaged tools like Slack or Facebook Workplace. Customize Kreo for virtually anything – be it for collaborating on a client project, notifying your team about stock market news, or enhancing telehealth communication between doctors and patients.



Highly scalable

communication app to adapt to your requirements.

customization for your

industry’s needs.

so it grows as your

company grows.

Kreo as Your Playground

Simply use Kreo as the starting point

for your team communication app and build on top of it.


the source code


what stays  and what goes


the cost of your collaboration app

One-Size Does Not Fit All

Unlike other business collaboration software in the market, Kreo can be tweaked with software service work which allows full customization of the application. Whether you want the tool to have a branded design, enhanced security or special features, you can do it all.

Take the telehealth industry, for example. As the world shifts to an increased technological reliance, the healthcare industry has seen dramatic changes. Patient portals, online virtual appointments, video conferencing with nurses and doctors, or answers to health questions, are now readily available via mobile devices or computers. The high demand for virtual healthcare services creates a greater need for secure chat, video, and messaging software, making Kreo the perfect custom telehealth solution. Kreo can be tailored to meet the exact needs of the telehealth industry, all while ensuring airtight security of the patient data.

Get a White LabelBusiness Collaboration Software

Apply branding and personalization to your collaboration software so your team can have a stronger sense of identity and the tool can feel as your own.

ChooseThe Collaboration Features You Need

Pick and choose which features you want in your team communication app. From individual and group chats to voice calls, video conferencing and screen sharing. You can select the features that will best enable your team to connect in real time.Kreo’s exclusive pack of royalty-free emojis can enhance the way your team communicates.

Add Your Specific Solutions

Solve your industry-specific needs plus your company’s particular demands on a budget! With Kreo, you can add the features you need in your team communication software and remove those you can simply do without. Our cost-saving solution allows you to solve your biggest pain points. 

Connect With Other Tools

You want your internal processes to be cohesive and efficient – we get it. That’s why collaboration platform can be further customized so you can integrate it tightly with other software systems and do so as first-order integrations.

Enforce Your Data Security

If you need airtight security measures to protect your employees’ privacy, keep your patient data safe, or prevent possible external intrusions, you can add an extra layer of protection by enforcing security measures – both on the front-end and the back-end.

ControlCommunication Costs

With full control over every feature, you can choose your team communication platform and take advantage of volume discounts with infra-structure providers such as Amazon Web Services and Twilio.

Ready to build the team communication application that your business needs?

Let Us Guide You Through

the Journey of BuildingYour Own Team Communication Software

Core Setof FunctionalityKREO


Your Unique Business Communication Software

File transfering
Individual & Group Chats
Dedicated Channels
Group and Individual Voice Calls
Video Conferencing

Custom Development 

Create offline notifications for stock market thresholds

Synchronize multiple platforms to have uniform experience

Increase data protection with additional authentication processes

Improve user experience with Interactive Voice Response text-friendly options

Send mass email 

and SMS notifications

Automate newsletters 

and blasts


Add phone verifications to protect patient medical data

Work on the same patient file simultaneously without losing data

Send appointment reminders 

to customers


Schedule virtual doctor’s appointments

Conduct audio and video telehealth consultations

Implement custom messaging for your telehealth platform

Get a Leg Up on Competition with Your Tailored Team Collaboration App!

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