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Why is WordPress Site Speed Optimization Important?

If a website’s page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, over 25% of users are likely to exit. Imagine all of the revenue you could be missing out on because of a slow loading site!

An un-optimized website can cause:

Your search engine rankings to drop, meaning your site is being buried by the competition.

High bounce rates due to the increased wait time your visitors are experiencing.

Possible clients to leave if the interactions with the website take too long.

When it comes to your site’s optimization, it isn’t only about having great content. While keywords determine your overall ranking, these efforts can be affected by a website in a technically poor condition. That’s why it’s important to also focus on a fast loading website for your company’s success.

Turn Your Sluggish Website into a Fast WordPress Site

Decrease the time it takes to load your site to improve SEO rankings, boost your sales, improve the mobile experience, decrease cart abandonment, lower bounce rates and much more!

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Increased Conversions

Lower Bounce Rate

Did you know that page loading speed affects your Google search ranking? It’s true! Back in 2010, Google added speed to its list of ranking factors. The faster your page loads, the better your overall search engine ranking is. And, by March 2021, Google will be applying 

user-experience related metrics 

(Web Vitals) to rank pages as well.

When sites load fast, the user experience is more enjoyable. If your audience can easily click from page to page without waiting for images or content to load, they are more likely to stay longer. The longer they stay, the higher the chances that they complete a purchase for a product or service.

When your customer is lingering longer on your site, your bounce rate goes down – the better your bounce rate, the higher your chances for conversions. When people stay longer on your site, your search engine ranking will also go up. It’s a win-win!

How We Can Help You Reach Your Website Speed Optimization Goals

We can help you reach and surpass your company’s targets with top SEO tools.

Our skilled professionals can provide top WordPress performance optimization services to audit, strategize and implement the changes your site needs

How We Work

As a software development and digital marketing company, our team of specialists can take your site’s performance to the next level. Because every website is different, we’ll:


a detailed server and hosting analysis will be carried out to detect any difficulties.


the next steps for SEO to combat any current problems.


your website to determine its current health, server response, and status while looking for any potential issues.


with the necessary SEO skills and tools to ensure a fully-functioning, fast loading site.


the site after implementation to make sure everything is performing as it should.


your optimized site will be ready 

for use.


on everything that was done and what we were able to accomplish through our efforts.

The Game Plan To Optimize Your WordPress Site

Our WordPress speed optimization services will have your site loading at blazing fast speeds.

Javascript, HTML & CSS Minification

Decreasing your HTML and CSS code sizes can help increase the load speed of your site. We’ll set up JavaScript files to load later – this will enhance the upload speeds of your pages.

Reducing Render-Blocking Resources

Render-blocking resources are certain fonts, JavaScript files, or HTML and CSS codes that can slow down the speed of your site. By reducing these, your site’s load-speed will be much more effective.

Mobile-first Indexing

A few years ago, Google announced that they will only be using your mobile website to produce search results by March 2021. So, while you’re having your site’s speed enhanced, you’ll want to make sure your mobile version is completely optimized for the upcoming mobile-first era. After running tests, we’ll use the best possible tools to ensure your site is mobile-friendly and that your content dynamically updates between your desktop and mobile version for easy crawling.

WordPress CDN Support

Adding a Content Delivery Network will speed up your site’s loading time as it reduces the geographical distance that the information from your site has to travel to reach the end-user.

Server Response Time Reduction

Most of the time, the problem is not with the website itself, but with the hosting or server settings. Our team will check the status and provide updates as needed. We may have to adjust or upgrade your settings.

Image Optimization

Image size is important for site speed. We’ll go through all of yours to make sure they are the right size for enhanced performance. 

Leverage Browser Caching

By predetermining how long your images, CSS, and JS are stored for, we’ll significantly reduce the amount of data the user has to download when accessing your site—making for faster load times and better performance.

Upgrades to Lazy Loading Images

By properly tagging your images to only load when the user scrolls to them, your pages will load much quicker.

Hosting Setup, Improvement, and Upgrades

We’ll take a look at your current hosting setup and recommend any improvements or upgrades you might need to increase your site’s overall speed.

WP Theme Setup, Improvement,

and Upgrades

We’ll make sure that your WP theme is suited to match your objectives and make any improvements, or suggest any upgrades for optimal loading time.

WP Database Optimization and Junk Removal

A cleanup of your WP’s database is essential for speed optimization. We’ll remove no longer needed items for faster load times.

WP Plugin Optimization

We’ll sort through your WP plugins to make sure they are functioning correctly. We’ll also suggest better plugins for enhanced speed if necessary.

Web Vitals Optimization: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

These web vitals focus on the quality of your user’s experience. Checking your LCP, FID, and CLS rankings will provide us with insight into your site’s loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability (respectively). After testing these criteria, we’ll make appropriate adjustments if needed.

First Contentful Paint (FCP) Optimization

This is another way Google will rank your site and is based around the user's perception. If the user has access to information quickly, your FCP ranking will be high. We will run tests to diagnose your FCP and make any modifications to improve on this.

Find out how your site stacks up!

From Slow and Underperforming, To Booming and Speedy

Having worked with hundreds of clients, we’ve been able to effectively optimize and develop fast-loading, easily crawled, and user-focused websites.

Houston Pump and Gear

The Project

The Results

Houston Pump and Gear specializes in pump repair and restoration. They came to us looking for increased conversions and higher results so they’d stand out amongst their competitors.

Once our optimization efforts were complete, the client saw a 20% increase in their page speed score, 42% reduction in website load time, and 97% smaller page sizes!



Origin Bathrooms

The Project

Origin Bathrooms is a family-run bathroom renovation company out of Australia that was looking for an updated website to bring in more business.

The Results

Once we finished our SEO work, the client saw a 6% increase in their page speed score, 66% reduction in website load time, and 20% smaller page sizes!



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What Our Clients Are Saying

The new website has generated positive feedback from customers focused on the simplicity of design. Scopic has continued to improve the site based on that feedback. Expect an accountable partner with an expansive offering of services who can deliver as promised and on time

Charles Cobb

President of E-Pets Online, Missouri

In just a few months, organic web traffic increased by 20%, software downloads rose by 50%, and sales amounts measurably improved. Scopic's depth and breadth of expertise, along with their efficient, collaborative workflow, has been critical to the campaign's success. They work well with one another, and they are very transparent with me.

Dave Rozewski

Owner and Founder of SketchList Inc.

Scopic stood out from the competition from the very early stages. They approached the pitch process professionally and have consistently been reliable and responsive over the 20 months we have worked together. Especially pleased with the new website development.

George Sowmi

Origin Bathrooms Managing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

About WordPress Speed Optimization

How long does the WP speed fix take?


Our WordPress speed optimization service will depend on the current health of your website and how much we need to do to ensure optimization. Typically, our services will take 1-2 weeks to have you back up and running at faster speeds than before.

How much faster will my site be?


The changes in site speeds will vary from site to site based on the amount of updates we need to implement and the current health of your website. We will work to have your site loading at optimal speeds. Previously, we’ve been able to increase the site’s speed by 40% or more. While this is a typical page-speed enhancement, it will depend on your website’s current technology behind the site (WordPress theme, hosting, and server.)

Are there any sites you can’t fix?


There might be an instance where we encounter a site that we aren’t able to fix. We do our best to work with our clients directly to eradicate any problems. If we come to a ‘dead-end’ so to speak, our team will suggest appropriate next steps, or an alternative to remedy the issue(s).

Can I get a detailed list of all of the changes you will make?


Once the WordPress optimization service is complete, we will submit a report to you of the most important changes we’ve made along the way to get to the final result.

What will you need from me?


Before we begin with WP loading speed optimization services, we’ll need your WordPress login information so our specialists can get to work checking your site.

How do you check site speed?


We use only the best SEO tools like PageSpeed Insights to test your site’s upload speeds. We rely heavily on Google’s official testing tools since they measure specific metrics that affect ranking-mentioned Web Vitals.

Can you get my site loading in 1 second or less?


Our optimization goal is to have your website load as close to 1 second as possible, but we can’t make any promises. Because every website is different from the next, our experts will do their absolute best to have your site loading at optimal speeds.

Stay On Top: Combine Speed Optimization & Mobile-First Strategies

With Google’s mobile-first indexing on the horizon, stay ahead of your competition with optimization services for both your desktop and mobile site!

Whether you’re looking for a custom web application development company, design a website from scratch, or simply need to speed-up your current site, our specialists will make everything that much simpler.

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