Scopic Software is a Teamwork-certified partner specializing in integrations. We can help your business get the most out of Teamwork, empowering your company to grow, and your team to work more effectively. 

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How Scopic can help you with Teamwork

Through Teamwork’s rich API, we can tightly integrate any system, no matter how complex it is. Our experience has allowed us to successfully integrate the management platform with internal tools as well as with third-party systems that enable processes such as: 

We have experience integrating Teamwork with tools to reduce inefficiencies, streamline workflows, and reduce costs as well as risks. We can also resolve your team’s technical inquiries about the tool and its API to provide application support.

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"At Teamwork, we value our community of technology partners who leverage our API for custom advanced workflow and automation. Scopic Software has been an excellent strategic partner as we build and scale our Teamwork APIs to support hundreds of methods for infinite integration possibilities"

Holly McGill, Developer Relations Manager.

Scopic has extensive expertise implementing Teamwork for highly specialized and distributed teams such as our own – over 280 employees around more than 40 countries. We know how to use Teamwork for 

highly distributed project teams!

When you decide to switch to Teamwork, the migration doesn’t need to be painful – it just needs to be planned and executed by experts. From organizing and exporting your business data to importing and setting up Teamwork to fit your needs, we can help you make the migration process seamless, efficient and without losing a single thread of work. 

Migrate to Teamwork from an existing project management system

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What Building Custom Integrations With Teamwork Looks Like

Scopic Time System, developed by us, is the internal tool that any virtual or partially virtual company needs. Completely integrated with Teamwork, STS allows employees to log their hours and progress on tasks created through Teamwork. 

Project managers can see comprehensive reports, information about active projects, time spent by each employee per project or in total, as well as information about teams and their roles. It’s also possible to review and approve the time logs submitted by team members. Any task created in the Teamwork account will automatically be created and synced with STS.

Scopic Time System (STS)

Are you ready to start optimizing your business processes?

If you want insightful advice and support to build a Teamwork app marketplace that taps into the external community of developers,

you can count on us.

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