Improving employee collaboration and customer engagement is difficult.

Scopic is here to help

With our software and custom desktop application development experience and Bronze Level partnership with Twilio, we can help you build smart custom communication solutions to fit your business needs. 

Why invest in custom business communication solutions?

Unfettered collaboration between team members and engaging with customers using voice, video or text can serve as your biggest competitive advantage.

While choosing ready-to-use software is quick and easy, it is rarely designed to fit your specific needs. Tailor-made, custom business communication software development solutions give you the features that you specifically require. To top it off, it also allows you to own your own source code, giving your valuable communication the extra security it needs.

Free, ready-to-use tools offer a quick and easy set up, but don’t give you the high quality communication capabilities that come with distinct custom solutions.

Trusted Twilio Developer

Twilio Partner

Twilio’s scalability and the high quality of their data network give us the power to create cost-effective cutting-edge communication software. Using Twilio’s cloud communication platform, you can create software that fits your needs perfectly. 

Our certified experts develop messaging, voice and video enabled collaboration software for web development services, desktop, and mobile app development services that feature maximum clarity and instant responsiveness of chat.

Contact center apps ranging from multi-channel customer support software to emergency response or crisis center apps

Customized messenger solutions with voice and video

Online coaching and tutoring software

Interactive, omni-channel support group solutions

Scopic can
create 100%

software for:

Expert service marketplaces (with support for video and voice)

Multi-channel dating and matchmaking software

And more!

Influencer outreach and engagement software

Bespoke business communication applications
created by Scopic

Secure and reliable communication platform for individual and group messaging, and calling between employees. Incorporating Node.js, React, and DynamoDB technologies, Kreo was designed by Scopic starting from the wire-frames to final UI design.

Powered by Twilio


A cloud-based coaching and tutoring web application for interview skill training and career advice. Users gain real-life interview experience through live simulations enabled by computer vision, live media streaming, speech recognition and video processing technologies

Powered by Twilio

Operations Texting App

A mobile application that enables management to reach our employees when urgent, immediate responses are required. By using Twilio's GeoMatch feature under the Messaging Co-Pilot functionality, employees with internal accounts are able to send texts to contacts within the company quickly, easily and economically.

Powered by Twilio

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