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Our digital marketing services provide a complete solution for your dispensary marketing needs.

Hemp and Cannabis Brand Development

Branding is not only about creating a good looking logo but building a compelling and consistent brand identity that inspires, tells a story, and nurtures long-lasting impressions. Let us help develop your brand!

Cannabis SEO

SEO is what you need to increase your website organic ranking. With more competitors entering the market having metadata, link building strategies, and mobile optimizations are key. Our SEO services ensure you’re at the top of your audience’s search results.

Web Design and Development

Our custom web development services are the first avenue to promote your cannabis brand. This is your digital storefront. A user-friendly and mobile-optimized site will generate revenue for your brand and help you get discovered by your target audience. Our team handles cannabis websites from design to implementation.

Cannabis Content Marketing

Content marketing is what sets you apart from your competition. Building content through keywords recommendations is what you need to grow or build a curated and strategic brand and generate a constant flow of organic traffic.

Cannabis Advertising

Cannabis advertising is the perfect way to attract new customers and build your brand awareness if you know the ins and out of PPC, social media, and display ads. Partner with our team to successfully run marketing campaigns based on audience creation, geo-targeting, and keyword recommendations.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a direct channel to communicate with your desired target audience. Let our social media marketing optimization services help you spark conversations and create new sales avenues to seamlessly promote your brand.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another avenue to re-engage with past customers and build relationships with new ones. At Scopic we design, build, implement, and execute your email campaigns. Through opt-in strategies and audience segmentation, we successfully deliver campaigns directly to your contacts’ inboxes.

Our Success Stories


WhatisHemp is an independent website project focused on sharing relevant and valuable information about the hemp industry. We helped develop an optimized landing page that then became a fully-optimized site.


Our SEO team helped improve the website and organic traffic of an accredited Cannabis testing lab.

HomeGrown Nursery

Cannabis clone dispensary offering first-class cannabis with verified genetics. Our team redesigned and developed the new website the new website, implemented an SEO strategy and wrote the whole website content.

Our innovative digital marketing solutions are designed to scale your cannabis business. With years of experience in the industry and proven results, our team can successfully grow your business, drive sales, and take your brand to the next level. We know the best practices to tap into the cannabis industry, which set us apart from the competition.

Advertising In The Cannabis Industry

Advertising regulations in the cannabis industry are a bit strict. Keeping up with the ever-changing advertising landscape can be a challenge if you don’t have the support from a vetted professional. The issue with ad platforms is that they treat CBD as an illegal product despite the fact that hemp-derived CBD was legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill. Running campaigns for your cannabis products or hemp brand is not impossible. Our success in running effective paid campaigns is knowing the regulations, not using banned keywords on the ad copy, landing page, URL, or even on the company name – any cannabis-related name will be banned from the ad platform. But we know the workarounds, the best use of euphemisms, and landing pages to make sure your campaigns are not disapproved.

Driving Organic Traffic To Your Site

Why does your dispensary business need marketing?

SEO allows you to organically reach potential customers at the precise moment. If your cannabis business will rely on e-commerce to drive sales or brand awareness to thrive, having a strong SEO strategy is crucial. With the high-regulated advertising landscape, an optimized website is key to reach your desired audience. Our SEO Specialists work-based on keyword research, link building, outreach campaigns, canonical links, and technical audits to deliver a well-rounded approach and enable your brand to be at the top of the search results.

Within this new competitive industry, having a website with no Cannabis SEO directly translates to no ROI. Don’t lose potential customers by not having an SEO plan!

What Sets Scopic’s Cannabis Marketing Agency Apart?

More than 14 years of experience. Over 1,000 successful projects launched . We provide the tools and strategies to succeed in a highly competitive and regulated industry. Work with Scopic and gain:

Detailed Planning And Project Analysis

Critical Industry Insights

Data-Driven Results

Timely and Cost-Effective Solutions

Global Team of Experts

Ready To Dominate The Cannabis Industry?

Our team of digital marketing and software development experts are ready to launch your brand to new heights with SEO recommendations, , winning software development models, and expert marketing strategies. 

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