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Custom Healthcare Software Development


Improving Patient Management Since 2006.

Scopic has 16+ years of experience in EHR software development, creating hospital management systems, telemedicine apps, and more.

Nowadays, over 68% of patients use booking systems to reserve their online appointments.

This means that if your healthcare organization doesn’t have a patient portal in place – you are missing out on most potential clients. But don’t get discouraged – we are here to help you out!

Scopic is a HIPAA-compliant custom healthcare software development company.

An ultimate one-stop-shop for all your healthcare software development and marketing needs.

Scopic provides full-cycle software development and digital marketing services. Unlike other healthcare software development companies, we will be with you through the entire process of ideation, software creation, maintenance for years to come.

In-House Medical Marketing & Software Development Team

This means that if your healthcare organization doesn’t have a patient portal in place – you are missing out on most potential clients. But don’t get discouraged – we are here to help you out!

By fulfilling all of your medical software development needs in-house, we are able to provide excellent service quality at a price that fits any healthcare providers’ budget. Best of all – we can help you educate your medical staff on how to use your software as a part of the process.

Custom Healthcare Software Development Workflow:

An 8-Step Approach

We’ve been in the medical software development game for over 16 years.

Our healthcare industry expertise enabled us to build one of the most efficient software development workflows, and forge strong relationships with care providers worldwide.

Gathering Project Requirements

We’ll kick off every medical software development workflow with a free of charge client call. We always provide the guidance and knowledge before asking our clients to commit. At this point, we will answer all your questions and get all the required information about the project, steering it into the right direction.

Why trust cookie-cutter estimates of other healthcare development companies, when you can get a free personalized explanation instead?

Let’s talk!

Analyzing the Problem

Once we clearly understand your healthcare software requirements, we will provide you with a pitch, including a breakdown of work to be performed.

Creating a Detailed Project Plan

At this point, we will agree on a detailed execution plan for your medical software. We will turn your feedback into an actionable plan, including the execution timeline, detailed estimates, and proposed technologies to be used.

Healthcare Project Execution

Our team of HIPAA-compliant developers and digital marketers will proceed to creating your custom software solution. We use the Agile approach to medical software development because it provides for unmatched efficiency. We also do multiple rounds of prototyping UX/UI, and features of the app to make sure that you get exactly the kind of the application that you envisioned.

Testing and Bug Fixing

Once we meet your project requirements, we will run different healthcare Software Q&A tests and user experiments to ensure the highest quality of your custom healthcare solution.

Medical Software Deployment

At this point, we will send the final result of our work to you, circle back to previously-defined milestones, and launch the project if everything seems to align with your plans.

Maintenance and Support Activities

Whether you need some help managing patient data or if you want to update your software solutions down the line – we’ll be there for you.

Digital Marketing Services for Healthcare Industry

We provide 360-degree marketing services for the medical industry. Our knowledgeable marketers know how to get your healthcare mobile app on top of the AppStore, or how to draw more offline traffic to your hospital, daycare, or any other medical institution.

Now that you are familiar with our healthcare software development workflow, let’s take a closer look at the broad range of medical development services. 

A Myriad of Custom Healthcare Software Development Services to Propel Your Growth

Creating a custom healthcare application, such as an EMR/EHR system, patient portal, or employee relation management system, has many benefits.

It can help you cut operating costs, increase patient sign-ups, better quality of service, and improve revenue cycle management. In essence, healthcare solutions make medical practice management a much simpler process.

But how can you not get lost in the world of healthcare software products? Check out the complete list of custom software services that we offer to our medical clients below:

Medical imaging solutions

Whether you are looking for a DICOM or PACS solution, our experienced HIPAA-Compliant developers will meet all of your radiology software expectations.

Medical health apps

The medical mobile app development market has grown from $50b. to over $450b. in just over two years! And there’s a good reason for that. In the current landscape, your potential patients would prefer healthcare businesses that offer a smooth medical app with a user-friendly interface over the firms that don’t.

Telehealth/remote care

82% of total health app users started using telehealth apps after the COVID era. Remote patient monitoring applications might be one of the hottest medical software solutions today. So, if you still don’t have a proper remote care solution – it’s still not too late to get one developed. Partner with a trusted telehealth app development company today.

Orthodontics and dental

Dental 3D solutions are widely used by thousands of orthodontists worldwide. Whether you need to map your patients’ teeth or analyze the structure of bones using cephalometric software – we’ve got you covered!

Electronic healthcare records

Keeping track of your patient’s data is a hard and time-consuming process that should not occupy the minds of your medical professionals at work. With proper medical records software in place, you can streamline the process of gathering, storing, and reporting your patients’ data. EHR will help you keep your health records organized, secure, reducing the time needed for reporting.

Patient management systems

A patient management system is at the heart of every hospital’s operations. It acts as the ultimate CRM system, keeping all patient info stored safely. Such systems include patients’ historical clinical records, notes from previous visits, and diagnoses from all the specialists in one place.

Medical data solutions

Medical data solutions (MDS) can help you process data more efficiently to derive actionable conclusions on how to improve your medical operations. Whether we are talking about medical billing software, or healthcare practice management tools – they all fall under this big umbrella. Are you curious how you can better schedule your shifts or minimize your inventory costs? MDS is your answer.


If you are looking to optimize the operations and cut the costs of your ophthalmology center operations, then custom medical software development is your answer!
All these different medical software types can be used in a wide array of medical institutions, including:

  • Private clinics
  • Public Hospitals
  • Private practices
  • Pharmacies
  • Labs
  • Home care

Scopic has experience working with healthcare industry clients of all shapes and sizes, so don’t worry – we will always find the answers to your most pressing questions. We have worked on creating patient portals, medical mobile apps, and various other types of healthcare software.

Medical biotech

Biotech companies are one of the hottest investment options in the health center, but how do you understand which medical institution will end up bringing profits? Try to develop a personal biotech charting application to find your answer backed by historical price data.


Whether you are looking to create the next big drug or determine appropriate doses for your patients’ prescriptions most efficiently – pharmaceutical applications can help you find the correct numbers.

HIPAA-Compliant Patient Apps

Mobile healthcare applications help hospitals worldwide boost patient engagement and ensure higher retention. If you want your patients to trust you with their data, you need to ensure that your code is 100% secure. Luckily, Scopic offers HIPAA-compliant custom healthcare software development services that fit the bill. Creating medical mobile apps has never been easier!

Medical Testing

Whether you need someone to debug existing mhealt apps, or install new software for your entire healthcare business – Scopic can take care of all kinds of medical software testing (Including IoT software)

All these different medical software types can be used in a wide array of medical institutions, including:

  • Private clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • Private hospitals
  • Labs
  • Private practices
  • Home care

Scopic has experience working with healthcare industry clients of all shapes and sizes, so don’t worry – we will always find the answers to your most pressing questions. We have worked on creating patient portals, medical mobile apps, and various other types of healthcare software.

Providing Unmatched Healthcare Software Security for Medical Providers Worldwide

The most important feature of any reliable medical software product is uncompromised security. We don’t take your patients’ data security for granted.

Our medical software development projects (including healthcare CRMs, e-prescribing software, and health records software) are 100% HIPAA-compliant.

Fully HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare
Software Development

Our developers follow the standards of the HIPAA-secure development in every healthcare application that we create.

We make sure that all your medical history data is encrypted and stored on hack-proof servers securely. With our development protocols, your patients’ records are safe.

Do you have a special medical software development need?

Here are some of the most effective use cases that our clients in the healthcare industry have been tapping into:

Medical Imaging Software Development

Patient Portals

EHR/EMR (Electronic Health/ Medical Records) Systems

Telemedicine Platforms

Medical Billing Software

Further Education
Platforms for Physicians

Mobile Health, Nutrition
and Fitness Apps

Medical Practice
Management Software

Healthcare Solutions Explored

Hear it from Our Clients

There's nothing quite as rewarding as knowing our solutions make a significant impact. Hear from our esteemed clients who have experienced first-hand the transformative power of our teleradiology services.

Medical Software Development F.A.Q.

Here are some of the most acute questions about healthcare software development that our clients ask:

What is healthcare software?

Healthcare software refers to any software application that has been developed specifically for the medical sector. It covers an extensive range of sub-categories, from patient management tools and hospital management systems to mobile health apps and HIPAA-compliant medical database applications.

What makes medical software development special?

Medical software development is much more heavily-regulated than software in the other industries. Moreover, healthcare software is currently one of the fastest-growing sectors, with a 12% annual growth rate and $81.4 billion market size. Unlike any other software development projects, healthcare applications require HIPAA-compliance and advanced data storage protocols.

How much does it cost to develop medical software?

There are many factors to consider before developing a healthcare application. The final price of the project will depend on the type of project, the number of features, the complexity of data architecture, etc. In general – you can expect your software project to cost between $5,000 (simple apps meant for internal hospital usage) and upwards of $500,000 (enterprise-grade applications with custom API). Independent of your budget, picking a professional medical software development team will save you hundreds of hours on overhead expenses. 

What is the purpose of agile development in healthcare?

The healthcare industry is dynamic with its regulations and changing certification requirements. Agile development is the philosophy of constant software improvement, which allows for more frequent deployments, and faster adaptation to new feature requests. Bringing the flexibility of the Agile software development life cycle models together with the healthcare industry provides for a more efficient deployment schedule and better allocation of resources 

Ready to take your medical organization to the next level?

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