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Top Machine Learning and AI Development Services for Businesses

Through our custom ML and AI offering, we provide tailored solutions for your business goals.

Our highly skilled machine learning engineers utilize cutting-edge algorithms and data-driven approaches and dedicate themselves to implementing a tailored AI development strategy suited to your needs.

We ensure that we effectively and confidentially use your company data by leveraging the best tools, libraries, and languages, such as OpenAI, and TensorFlow, supported by AWS/Azure/GC, to extract the true potential your data holds.

Scopic has successfully integrated the transformative power of machine learning into its development processes, enabling the creation of intelligent, predictive, and adaptive solutions based on breakthroughs such as large language models (e.g., ChatGPT) and other generative AI technologies.

Chat GPT – The large language model

At Scopic, we integrate the power of OpenAI’s GPT, the large language model behind ChatGPT, into your business.

Our development services enable OpenAI’s GPT to be your AI co-pilot and assistant through the API. With its ability to summarize, analyze data, and conduct research, our services empower you to make informed decisions efficiently and streamline your workflow, propelling your business to new heights.

Generative Art

Unleash the power of generative art to captivate your audience.

At Scopic, we specialize in creating customer-centric and unique image, audio, video and 3D content using the latest ML/AI techniques.

General Machine Learning solutions

Take advantage of our expert service offering, including predictive analytics as well object detection, segmentation and classification systems

Our team will design and implement ML solutions that align with your business objectives. With Scopic’s machine-learning solutions, our expert development service team will allow you to extract valuable insights, patterns, and predictions from your data. These advanced algorithms optimize performance and solve complex problems.

A Selection of our AI development projects to get your ideas flowing


Thankster uses the power of personalization to take greeting cards to the next level. Through innovative generative AI technology, Scopic developed a system to create custom greeting cards with unique artwork and personalized messages.

Thankster allows the user to choose from a library of images and write a message to create a personalized greeting card. The Thankster team wanted to offer something even more special and take personalisation to the next level.

Instead of selecting an image from the library, a user can now request Thankster to generate a custom image by describing the image in mind. The system will create a unique artwork that captures the user’s vision, ensuring a personalized greeting card that nobody else has.

With enhanced features added to the messaging aspect of the cards, the user can ask the system to suggest personalized messages based on specific criteria. The system will provide creative and tailored suggestions to make greeting card even more special.
Behind the scenes, we’re utilizing advanced technology to make this possible. We use a stable diffusion model checkpoint to generate the custom artwork. To run this model seamlessly, we used trusted platforms that provides cloud GPUs. When you create a custom greeting card, an image will be generated to use, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for you.

Abby Connect

Abby Connect is a company that offers receptionist and chat support services to its clients. The company utilises a portal where clients can manage their accounts, set availability for receiving calls, and view receptionist activities.

To enhance the Abby Connect services, Scopic implemented an audio transcript summarization using OpenAI technology. This allows them to generate a summary of each call based on the call transcription. The transcript provides valuable information about the call, making it easier for clients to review and understand the content in a speedy manner.

Moreover, with the help of OpenAI, Abby Connect can also gauge the caller’s sentiment based on the call transcription. This feature helps in understanding the emotions and satisfaction level of the callers during their interaction, enabling the company to improve its services and address any potential issues.

Our team used different params provided by the API to allow us to choose the best option for our needs . The team implemented Prompt Optimization by iteratively rephrasing the instructions and experimented with different models and settings until they achieved the desired results.

Some of the information aimed to be collected includes:

  • Caller Name: Identifying the caller’s name for personalization and better communication.
  • Purpose of Call: Understanding the call’s reason helps prioritize and categorize interactions.
  • Caller Number: Ensuring accurate contact details and allowing callbacks if required.

Chroma Coloring Book

The Chroma app, a coloring book app developed by Scopic, has recently incorporated a fascinating feature known as generative art functionality.

This new addition enhances the app’s creativity and provides users an innovative way to engage with the coloring experience.

The generative art functionality in Chroma leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate new and unique coloring pages. The app utilizes a stable diffusion model to achieve this.

Users are prompted to input a specific request or idea when they interact with the generative art feature in Chroma. It can be a word, phrase, or concept that inspires them. Based on this input, a brand-new image that embodies the essence of the user’s information.

Whether users seek relaxation, entertainment, or a means of self-expression, Chroma’s generative art feature adds a dynamic and personalized touch to the coloring experience.

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