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Custom Dental 3D Modeling Software Development

Dental 3D Modeling Software is the new movement that is bringing smiles to both dentistry experts and their patients. From dental mapping to 3D implant visualization, digital dentistry is the future of dentistry and is something that all dental professionals should invest in if they want to stay competitive in this market! Not only do these solutions exist, but now they can be tailored to your practice’s specific needs.

So, what exactly can dental software development do?

Whatever the need, we can help you create a custom 3D dental software solution designed that will set your practice apart! The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to our dental computer software solutions, but here are just a few examples of what we have built for dental professionals:

3D Teeth Mapping Software Systems

Most people don’t understand how orthodontics works until they see it in action. With this software, you can create clear, detailed images, and even dental models, of their teeth and gums to demonstrate treatment options. This gives them the chance to see exactly what needs fixing before getting started and improving communication between doctors and patients.

Digital Precision Bracket Placement Solutions

Digital precision bracket placement solutions are one of the newest advancements in 3D dental modeling software. Each bracket’s exact digital placement coordinates are determined using this specialized computer software technique. Using computer-aided manufacturing, bonding trays are then accurately created for fit and bracket position accuracy using cutting-edge 3D printing technology.

Shade Matching and Teeth Whitening Software

Although shade-matching is not a new concept, it has received an upgrade in recent years with the addition of more advanced dental 3D modeling software and better computer-aided design algorithms. This CAD/CAM type of tool mathematically determines and maps a tooth’s shade to ensure a perfect, evenly white smile, especially when procedures like crowns or bridges are required.

Dental Implants and Prosthodontics Software

If you’re a dental professional, you know that the highest quality dental restoration results come from the best materials. This solution can be created as a 3D printing and scanning software that can replicate the teeth of each patient to allow orthodontists to treat patients more effectively. With our custom healthcare software solution, you will be able to make better-fitting implants, crowns, bridges, and dentures faster than ever before with less material waste.

Cephalometric Analysis Tools

Cephalometric analysis software systems are a vital component of orthodontic and dental restoration. It allows practitioners to easily and quickly create 3D models of a patient’s teeth, gums, and jaws, which can then be used as part of treatment planning or in clinical research. This type of system also allows users to modify their creations by altering individual bone locations or tooth positions until an ideal fit between them is achieved.

Revolutionize your dental practice and bring new levels of speed, productivity, efficiency, and precision to your clinic workflow with a custom dental software solution!

The Power of Custom Dental
3D Software Solutions

Improved efficiency and treatment time

A single dental model can take up to eight hours to create, and this is only one part of the entire process. Whether modeling a bridge, or a full denture set, with 3D dental design software, you can drastically reduce this time and even speed up production while improving accuracy.

A more interactive patient experience

Using a custom 3D dental software program, you can provide your patients with a more interactive treatment plan. They can see what the end result will look like, and it offers them an opportunity to speak up if they have concerns. This allows them to be involved in the process and they can actively participate in their own treatment.

Reduce the Risks

When you have a model of your patient’s mouth and teeth, it’s much easier to see what the problem is, which makes it easier to make the right diagnosis. This CAD/CAM model-making technique reduces the risk of harm to both patients and equipment by ensuring that everything goes according to plan.

Always remain a step ahead

In a world of ever-changing technology, your ability to stay ahead is crucial. Custom 3D dental software development helps you do exactly that: it allows you to take advantage of new opportunities in the dental industry and push boundaries in digital dentistry. It’s scalable, meaning that it can grow with your business and adapt to your needs as they change over time.

Smile, You’re In Good Hands with Our HIPAA-compliant developer team.

Our Clients: Innovation in Action

Ready to design, develop, and market your ideas into industry-changing dental imaging software? Here’s some inspiration from dental professionals we’ve worked with:


The team at ShadeWave was aiming to increase the efficiency of shade matching in dental restoration procedures. They turned to our experienced dental software development services company for help. Driven by their vision, we built a cloud-based app with advanced imaging capabilities. Driven by their vision, we built a cloud-based app with advanced imaging capabilities. The app maps a tooth’s shade, translucency, and value. And uses scientifically formulated reference targets to avoid inconsistent shade tabs. It allows for real-time communication with labs, providing a more simplified and accurate shade matching process.


Orthoselect answered the industry call for a unified platform. They hoped to map out clinical trials and possible outcomes for orthodontic treatments. Teaming up with this company, we produced high-quality products, while shrinking the margin of error. The orthodontic imaging software created, digitally simulates a 3D bonding tray. It then prepares it for adjustments before final printing. OpenGL, VTK, and other technologies helped make this platform a reality. This product has set a new industry standard for orthodontic practices.


Mouthguard sought to streamline the process of making and fitting mouthguards. They aimed to help improve treatment for issues like teeth grinding and sports injuries. Using C++ and QT technologies, Scopic developers worked to build a unique imaging solution software. This product digitally scans a patient’s mouth. It then provides exact measurements and replaces inaccurate molds with precise 3D renderings of the patient’s face and mouth. When clients break or misplace customized hardware, it’s as easy as hitting the print button to produce a new one. Now there is no excuse to not wear your mouthguard!


ImageCentrik brought dental imaging into the 21st century. How? With the simple-to-use, powerful dental image analysis software we built. The power of C++, MySQL, and other technologies enable dentists to take photos accurately and quickly. Once the app has edited and processed intraoral photos, dentists can select from a variety of templates. These are designed for presentations with patients, practitioners, and insurance companies. ImageCentrik has everyone covered.

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