100% Professional Custom Mobile App Development Services
Example of the custom mobile app development services

Affordable Custom Mobile App Development Services

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Affordable Custom Mobile App Development Services


Example of the custom mobile app development services

From front-end to back-end, from prototype to production, we specialize in creating engaging and highly-functional mobile applications across different industries.

Native mobile development services

Optimal performance, a platform-specific look and reliable implementation, and the possibilities are endless. Leverage interactive 3d technology, natural language processing or computer vision – all with native mobile app development.

Build a Mobile App with realistic 3D graphics and animation

Scopic brings desktop-quality 3D visuals and animation to your mobile app. We can use IOS Metal, Android Vulcan and OpenGL/Direct3D or we can work at a higher level using engines like Unity3D, Unreal or Apple’s SceneKit. We also implement 3D-adjacent technologies like augmented reality and computer vision into our mobile development solutions.

Cross-platform development

A cross-platform solution developed to run seamlessly across iOS and Android can save time and money. We have experience in almost every cross-platform framework, including ReactNative,Ionic, Xamarin, Flutter and Qt Mobile.
For enterprise-grade scalability, we utilize state-of-the art mobile back-ends in all our mobile application programming, like AWS Mobile or Firebase, or develop it from scratch using MVC frameworks like Laravel, Django or Ruby on Rails. And as certified Twilio experts, we also come up with customized app development for mobile devices that require communication services (e.g. video, voice, chat, SMS).



  • 1. DEFINE
    Nobody knows your business the way you do. That’s why our first step in mobile software development is to learn as much from you as possible in order to refine and structure your requirements.
    Our designers are creative experts. Once we’ve determined what you need, they help shape and craft your vision into an inspired, aesthetically pleasing mobile app so your users have an enjoyable experience.
    We involve you in the implementation process with frequent milestone deliverables and progress reports of the mobile application programming. Additionally, the code we write is clear and concise. We’d like to be able to work with this code—and you—for years to come.
  • 4. DELIVER
    Scopic helps prepare for the launch of your product by making sure it integrates seamlessly with your existing environment. Your end goal is the same as ours: impeccable software that displays optimal performance.

At Scopic, we are very flexible with our working arrangements. We offer our mobile app development services at both a fixed price as well as hourly work.

Whether you need someone to take over or augment your in-house development, maintain an existing application or build something new from the ground up, we are your complete mobile solution provider.

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