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Shape the future of finance with secure and compliant software solutions, tailor-made to suit your operational needs and increase the efficiency of your financial processes.

How Software Development is Innovating Finance Services.

Whether you are a banking and finance company, a brokerage firm, an insurance or investment company, a payment gateway provider or any other kind of business in the finance industry, customized financial software is specifically created to automate and enhance the handling of your company’s financial information, records, client interactions and business processes. Using the latest technologies, many finance companies tap into the power of fintech solutions in order to increase the security, visibility and control of their company’s financial data.

Why choose Scopic as your custom financial software development services partner?

Since starting out in 2006, we’ve been creating finance software development solutions tailored to suit the specific needs of innovative banking and finance companies from around the world. So if you’re looking to change the way your clients can track and manage their financial transactions, or you’re hoping to increase the efficiency and security of your business workflow, then you’re in the right place! From financial planning to accounting software, payment billing to chatbot development services, browse through our services below to see how we can work together to achieve your goals.
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Do not Drown in a Pool of Financial Figures
Let the Big Data Solutions Fuel Your Boat

Man working a computer software created by Scopic financial software development services

Worldwide trading produces an immense amount of data – just the NYCE transaction records alone produce over 4-5 terabytes of data daily. This is why a trader armed with an efficient big data processing solution is the trader that will outsmart the market.

Efficient trade data storage and processing solutions help traders worldwide to identify market patterns and predict possible fluctuations to ensure the most efficient allocation of resources.

Modern trading platform development solutions are revolutionizing the industry in several ways:

Predictive Analytics

Big data analysis and financial modeling applications guide traders’ decision-making.

Machine Learning & Automated Trading

Some trading solutions are programmed to learn from previous trades. This can help you automate your trading entirely.

Personalized Automated Loan Terms

Big data analytics programs help financial institutions automate loan issuance processes based on the socio-demographic data from the past.

Automated Company Budgeting

Data analysis of previous purchases can help financial apps to determine more efficient budgeting for your company.

Scopic crafted a broad range of financial solutions.
Here are just a few examples:

Data-driven budgeting solution

iOS Portfolio Manager

Tax reporting platform

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Agile Software Development

Strengthen client relationships and empower consumers to take control of their finances with our agile software development service.Our agile SDLC models guarantee the creation of unique solutions that meet the needs of your end users.

Reduce risk and enhance your strategic operational processes by working with Scopic to create financial software solutions that scale as you grow. From document management and automation to CRMs and collaboration portals, you name it, we have the expertise to turn your vision into reality.

Financial Mobile App Development

Provide your clients with secure access to their financial information on tap from any location. Work with us to create powerful software solutions that encourage ease of collaboration and communication between financial staff and clients. From providing notifications to your users in real-time, to offering enhanced flexibility with mobile banking, there are numerous benefits of mobile app development services for finance companies.

Superior Authentication Technologies

Give both your clients and your staff peace of mind by offering the latest and most effective authentication processes. From computer vision to fingerprint recognition, our experienced developers build secure authentication solutions to ensure that your sensitive financial data and software is always protected.

Facilitate the ease and safety of all transactions by tapping into the full potential of custom developed blockchain and DAPPs on the Ethereum platform. Looking to reduce costs and increase accountability? Hoping to increase transparency for all transactions? Then it’s time you take advantage of our cryptocurrency development services to enable your customers and employees to safely store, send and receive currencies in a secure online wallet created for use with BTC, ETH, Liteoin or your own altcoin.

Artificial Intelligence

Ready to make more informed decisions? By utilizing AI and machine learning capabilities, you can gain access to critical data in real-time exactly when you need it. Partner with Scopic for machine learning development services to create customized financial software that allows you to:
– Analyze your expenses with ease and increased visibility
– Predict costs based on data trends and plan your budgets more effectively
– Create insightful strategies and execute financial campaigns with confidence
– Understand your clients better to build stronger customer relationships


IoT is revolutionizing the way financial companies work. By taking advantage of IoT capabilities bankers, insurers and finance leaders have the chance to analyze customer behavior, tailor financial products to their clients’ specific needs, and build stronger partnerships. From fraud protection to increased revenue, work with Scopic to use IoT as your anchor of transformation.


Bridge the gap of communication between your clients and staff by offering secure chat solutions and providing the answers to their biggest challenges around the clock. Empower your clients to take control of their finances and send friendly reminders to avoid delayed payments or any misunderstandings. Ultimately, create a real-time communication solution to increase customer loyalty. Scopic experts build unique solutions to help you support your clients through the channel that suits them best.

Choosing the Right Financial Software Development Partner for You.

Technology is disrupting the finance industry in a number of ways. More small and medium-sized financial companies are recognizing the advantages of incorporating technology into everyday processes.

Many growing companies choose the Scopic approach because:

  • We understand your biggest challenges.
  • Our team of software engineers, with vast experience in financial software development, knows what it takes to turn your ideas into reality, on time and to budget.
  • We have years of experience working in the finance industry.
  • We listen to your specific needs.

Let’s join forces to make your company stand out from the crowd with:

Deep Dive into a Handful of Our Finance Services Software Development Projects

Revealed 3D

Revealed 3D was created to empower financial reporters, analysts and investors with the ability to view up to five years of income statements and balance sheets at a glance with engaging, easy to understand 3D graphs. With access to rich analytical data in visual format, users can assess investments for their clients much more easily, as well as follow trends and efficiently research new industries and companies. Using Javascript and Web GL, our Scopic developers worked hard to create a scalable application that provides financial professionals with deep insights to bring all the pieces of a financial statement together as one.

Budget Tools

Budget Planning, Budget Monitoring and Budget Feedback are three of Scopic’s internal budgeting tools built to facilitate the communication between the heads of the departments and the CEO when it comes to the budgeting process. Through the Budget Planning tool, users can submit, modify, and approve budgets according to their role. Once the budgets are in place and approved, users can view the actual usage of the budgeted amounts on a daily basis through the Budget Monitoring tool. The latter also sends reminders about reaching budget limitations to the point of contact which allows for prompt interventions whenever necessary. The Budget Feedback tool is then used at the end of the budgeting period to be able to assess variations in actual versus planned expenses and provide comments. Scopic’s development team created these cross-platform applications from scratch using three Microsoft 365 products: Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and PowerBI.


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The Advantages of Custom Financial Software Development with Scopic

Improve Customer Satisfaction Levels by Streamlining Client Communication.

Automate your business processes and supercharge your team with more efficient workflows.

Enhance the security of your sensitive client data and reduce the risk of data breach.

Make it easier for your team to meet strict financial regulations such as SOX, FASB and PCI DSS.

Stay competitive by offering your clients customer-centric solutions that facilitate economic sustainability.

Integrate your accounting software, payment platforms and other financial systems to optimize your workflow.

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