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Top Custom Desktop Application Development Services and Solutions

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Top Custom Desktop Application Development Services and Solutions


Desktop app development is the right choice if you need an application for offline work that has state-of-the-art graphics, computer vision capabilities, computationally expensive processes or just top performance in general. Our desktop application development services include cross-platform applications for Windows, Mac and Linux, and Javascript-based desktop applications (i.e. Electron).

Desktop Application Programming for CAD/CAM/CNC

Scopic creates CAD/CAM/CNC software that is utilized across a variety of manufacturing sectors, including plasma cutting, CNC grinders, injection molding, professional cabinetry and furniture design, using concepts such as nesting, lead-ins and lead-outs and mold injection parting lines. Our developers power these manufacturing applications using Open Cascade, OpenCV and Qt Embedded while still relying on standards like C++ and Java.

Audio/Video Apps

At Scopic we have developers who are experts in audio streaming applications, audio mixing and musician-centered solutions. As far as video goes, our desktop application design team has got it covered: editing, playback, chat, encoding, compressing, analytics and streaming. We can work with movies that are hundreds of GBs in size or audio samples that are seconds in length.

Scientific/Medical Visualization

Scientific and medical data can be complex, abstract and difficult to visualize. With extensive experience in MRI, CT, DICOM and 3D scan data; we have developed algorithms to display this data in surface and volumetric modalities, often using custom rendering techniques. We know your data is highly confidential so we ensure that our desktop programming is fully FDA compliant for medical software
Our computer apps identify, extract, measure, track, and analyze text and objects in real time and from photos and videos using OpenCV, OCR and custom state-of-the-art algorithms. We can help you determine if your application will benefit from the addition of computer vision and image analysis.





  • 1. DEFINE

    We value your input from start to finish. That’s why we discuss your requirements before we start on any desktop software development. The key is to learn as much from you as possible in order to build a long lasting, highly functional app that will serve as an advantage for you.

    Our designers are experts when it comes to desktop application design . Once we’ve determined what you need, they help shape and craft your ideas into user friendly, easily navigable product so your users have an enjoyable experience.

    We involve you in the implementation process with frequent milestone deliverables and progress reports. Additionally, the code we write is clear and concise. We’d like to be able to work with this code—and you—for years to come.

    Scopic ensures that all steps of your desktop application development run seamlessly and that your application is 100% prepared for release – and ready for the end-user. You can count on us for desktop software that displays optimal performance.

At Scopic, we are very flexible with our working arrangements. We offer both fixed price and hourly work for our desktop application development services.

Whether you need a team to improve your desktop app design or are looking for custom applications, we are the desktop application development company for the job.

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