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Custom Desktop Application Development Services Company

Looking to build high-quality desktop software with C++/Qt, .NET, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, or Python? Then you’re in safe hands!
Whatever challenges or problems you’re facing, our desktop developers can help you solve them. As desktop programming experts, we create elite solutions for maximum control and security of your sensitive data. We are your go-to desktop application development company.  

Explore Our Desktop Software
Development Services

With years of experience providing desktop application development services to our clients, we’ve brought many ideas to life. There’s no project too big or small that wouldn’t benefit from our expertise.

API Development & Integration

API (Application Programming Interface) development allows application integration and customizations of existing products to enhance your services and stand out from the crowd. You’ll be able to collaborate on other existing software products and allow yours to become part of an ecosystem. Let us help you develop an API or integrate an existing one with your new desktop software.

Maintenance and Support

After we are done with the desktop app development cycle, we stay available for any maintenance and support help you might need down the line.

Desktop Application Modernization

Don’t get stuck with an outdated legacy application that no longer supports your business or clients’ needs. We’ll modernize all desktop applications to bring your company out of the old and into the new.

UI/UX Design

A visually appealing and user-friendly design can help your users navigate your desktop application easily. Our experienced designers can create an intuitive and memorable user interface design that makes using your application a breeze.

Research and Development

Our developers and IT specialists will help you find the right solution with a thorough competitor and product research. Whether you’re looking for the right software architecture or want to create middleware to run your systems smoothly, we’re available every step of the way.

Quality Assurance

We provide all needed quality assurance tests on the desktop app performance. These include thorough functionality, usability, and compatibility tests.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Development

With our Windows application development services, you can create a powerful universal app that runs on all Windows 10 devices, such as PCs, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One, and HoloLens. It’s never been easier to make your desktop app accessible to so many users.

Cross Platform Development

Having your product over multiple platforms comes with a set of benefits like cost efficiency, faster development lifecycle, and wider audience reach. We can help you create an advanced cross-platform solution by building the code in one language and using a native development engine to implement it into different operating systems.

Custom Software Development

We deliver custom software development solutions tailored to your specific needs and wants. Our code is clean easy to read and maintain.

When to Choose Desktop Application Development for Your Company

Finding the right solution to suit your company’s needs can be taxing. But choosing between web, mobile, and desktop doesn’t have to be a headache. Let us advise you on what’s best for you. 
To help make your decision easier, let’s take a closer look at what custom desktop application development involves.  

What Are The Steps of The Desktop App Development Process?

The process involves 7 main steps:
First, the project manager defines your business needs (what problem you’re trying to solve, your target audience, vital KPIs, and what desktop platforms you’re targeting). This helps define the more specific software requirements.
Project planning
At this stage, the desktop app architecture is outlined, and a document with all necessary design and development steps is created.
Software UI/UX design
The UX/UI designer team creates a desktop app mockup based on your brand identity and software requirements specifications.
Software development
At this stage, the developers create the desktop app code.

Quality assurance: Any bugs and issues are fixed, ensuring the code runs seamlessly.

Quality assurance
Any bugs and issues are fixed, ensuring the code runs seamlessly.
The finished app is launched. If it’s an internal solution, it is deployed on the required internal infrastructure, and if it’s public, it’s released to the public.
Maintenance and support
The software is maintained in case any bugs or issues arise after deployment.

Desktop App Development Defined 

Desktop app development is the process of creating software designed to run on particular devices (laptops, computers, mobile phones). Such applications are capable of running offline. They’re user-friendly, stable, and responsive and usually perform better than web applications.

Desktop apps simplify our daily lives and are used in many businesses for their own needs or their clients. The Microsoft Office Suite is a good example of a range of desktop apps. Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are used by millions of people every single day. Image and x-ray systems are used by doctors to perform operations, while creatives use Adobe products to create beautiful visuals.

Desktop vs. Web and Mobile

Web and mobile development may be leading the latest development trends, but when you need:

Computationally Expensive Processes
State-of-the-Art Graphics
Computer Vision Capabilities
Top Performance
Superior Access to Hardware

There is no competing with desktop applications, tailor-made to fit your specific business requirements. At Scopic, our desktop application development services include cross-platform applications for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Javascript-based desktop solutions (i.e. Electron). This ensures your desktop app can seamlessly integrate with the systems used by your business.

Choose What’s Right for Your Business.

Journey upon your path of growth with Scopic — your go-to custom desktop application development company.

Unique Desktop Application Development Services Explored.

Why Scopic?
We’re Much More Than Your Standard Development Company.

Once our expert developers have worked their magic, we join forces to help you monetize your product too. Our all-in-one solution was built with your needs in mind and we have the desktop application examples to prove it. Develop, design, and market your desktop software, then watch your ideas come to life. You can rest assured that your entire product from inception to building and acquiring users will be handled by one company. This eliminates communication gaps, saves money, and offers you a seamless experience with a dedicated and experienced team.

System software development

Application software development

Programming software development

Freeware development

Shareware development

Browser development

We offer desktop application development services for various industries, including:


Shape the future of finance with secure and compliant custom financial software development models and increase the efficiency of your financial processes.


If you’re an innovative trader, you can drive more growth with an expert trading software development company that believes in your vision.


Empower the future of progressive learning and personalize your students’ learning experience with our custom education software development services.


Powerful manufacturing software development services. We boost efficiency for manufacturing companies around the world with our powerful manufacturing software development services.


As a medical software development company materializing your ideas, we can help you reach greater heights in healthcare.

Health & Fitness

Take your idea from zero to hero with Scopic’s fitness software development services, web design specialists, and a world-class marketing team.

Dental & Orthodontics

Give your business a leg up on the competition with our custom dental 3D modeling software development.


Scopic’s telemedicine app development pros create HIPAA-compliant applications that allow physicians, specialists, and clinics to compete better in the new virtual world of medicine.


Our dispensary marketing agency revolutionizes the way you market cannabis products.

Hear it from Our Clients

There's nothing quite as rewarding as knowing our solutions make a significant impact. Hear from our esteemed clients who have experienced first-hand the transformative power of our teleradiology services.

Custom Desktop Application Projects We’ve Worked on

The Scopic Approach

The recipe for our success in custom desktop software development can be broken down into six steps. We’ve worked on over 1,000 projects to help growing businesses like yours reach their short and long-term goals.
Define the Desktop App Project Requirements
As a first step, you tell us what you want to achieve by building a desktop app. And together, we set the next steps, drawing up a plan tailored to your business specifications. 
Contextualize your idea
Give your vision a face. Work with our graphical user interface (GUI) designers to put your application ideas into context, enhance user experience, and create a visually appealing desktop application. 
Outgrow your expectations
Write killer code that stands the test of time. Our development team fills you in on every step of writing the desktop app code, giving you complete visibility and working hard to go above and beyond your initial expectations. 
Plan for launch
It’s time to prepare your desktop app software for launch. We ensure seamless integration and successful deployment by tweaking the code and design as needed until your app is ready for release. 
Influence your target market
Monetize your desktop application. Our marketing and SEO team uses highly effective digital marketing strategies to attract and convert your leads into loyal customers. So your product can impact more than just your own company. 
Captivate your users for years to come
Become a trendsetter. We craft your custom desktop app with your success in mind. Built for stability and scalability, our team is always close by to add new features, perform any updates you need and ensure your app stands the test of time. 
Become a Desktop Software Trendsetter.

We Have the Experience and Technologies to Take Your Idea From Zero to Hero

Are you looking to build a cross-platform solution, or would you rather focus on one operating system? Our knowledgeable developers have experience working with all sorts of technology stacks — from iOS and android to Windows and Linux. We’ve specialized in programming languages including, but not limited to: 
rust programming language
lua programming language
Want to reach a product goal by using the best desktop engineering framework for your business? We’ve got every part of the development cycle covered! Here are some frameworks we’ve worked with: 
Microsoft .net framework
UWP platform
UWP platform
UWP platform
Operating Systems we work with include: 
Microsoft .net framework
UWP platform
UWP platform
UWP platform

Other Services We Offer

As a full-stack software development company, we are not limited only to developing desktop applications. We also offer a wide range of service, including: 

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Stay ahead of the game. The fast-paced world of desktop development is forever advancing. Follow our blog to stay one step ahead of your competitors.