Software Development + Digital Marketing = Wedded to Your Success

Taking your project from idea to launch – and from launch to viral success can be challenging. Developing your ideal product is no longer enough. First, think creation with expert software developers. Next, find connection with experienced digital marketers. The result? Transformation to help your growing business thrive.

Meet Scopic – your success-driving partner for high-quality software development solutions.

We help you turn your product into reality and reach your desired audience.

Revolutionizing Your industry

Take a step forward ad let your product succeed. By combining our expertise with the right mix of custom development and marketing, you can revolutionize market trends. Let us help you create solutions for real-life problems to outperform your competition, enhance your user-experience, and ave the path of success for you and your clients.

Custom Software Development and Beyond

“Build it and they will come” doesn’t cut it anymore. To reach the right people at the right time with the right product, you need more than tailor-made software development services. You need powerful marketing strategies too.

Software Development

Visually engaging custom software solutions for any industry, designed to solve business challenges and revolutionize the market.

Web Development

Specialized web apps, websites, responsive design

Mobile Development

Native mobile development, scalable cloud backends, cross-platform development, high-quality graphics, and animation

Desktop Development

Cross-platform applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and Javascript-based desktop applications


Disruptive digital marketing strategies to skyrocket your brand’s visibility and build meaningful relationships with your future customers.

Digital Marketing

Strategic marketing and research, SEO, PPC, copywriting and, content and video marketing


UX, UI, web app, desktop software, cross-platform and mobile-friendly design for both Android and iOS


Strategic consultation for software development and marketing.


Trying to differentiate your practice with a secure medical application, optimized for UX and marketed correctly? We’ve worked with numerous professionals in the dental, plastic surgery, neurocognitive, and other healthcare sectors, to solve life-changing challenges and increase patient satisfaction.



Looking for a solution to overcome your biggest roadblocks? We’ve helped financial companies to increase efficiency and streamline business processes while staying compliant, and meeting financial regulations.



Follow market trends or analyze stock markets. Gain access to cumulative live data or make trades in real-time. Whatever your business needs, we create customized solutions to increase our client’s profit margins.



Hoping to gain more control over your systems, reduce downtime, and increase the efficiency of your workflow? From CAD/CAM/CNC and collaborative engineering design, furniture and cabinet modeling to embedded controllers, our team of software engineers help manufacturers automate processes and increase up-time.



Work with us to turn your vision into an interactive reality. Whether it’s high-end animation software or children’s edutainment apps, mobile games, or audio mixing and recording software, we’ve got heaps of experience developing and marketing unique and engaging apps that will stimulate and delight your consumers.



Trying to leave your mark in the uprising and exciting, legal cannabis industry? We’ve helped numerous cannabis businesses improve their online presence and reach new heights. We have years of experience in the industry with a record of proven results.


Health & Fitness

Bring your health & fitness app development to life and help users live healthier and happier lives. Create custom fitness apps that include features like exercise routines, nutrition planners, activity trackers, weight loss, and meditation.



Change the world one education platform at a time. Build custom e-learning experiences, from tools that assist with higher education online learning to educational iPad and desktop apps that help toddlers through their most important developmental years.


Delivering Products That Soar

Let’s bridge the gap between your ideas and the finished product. After all, why partner with multiple companies when you can turn to an all in one success partner? From the United States, Boston, and beyond, we’ve been helping small to midsize businesses pivot towards long-lasting success.

Talk to us about your business goals. We can transform together with software development and marketing strategies that boost your company’s growth.

Meet Our Scopic Experts

Made in Massachusetts, international to the core. With over 1,000 projects under our belt, and a team of expert software developers, designers and marketers, there is no digital product we can’t create and no market we can’t help you break.

Raimer Encarnacion
Web Developer
Marine Hakobyan
Marketing Specialist
Ilariya Zhurina
HR Coordinator
Mila Miloslavljevic
Project Manager
Santiago Chialvo
Desktop Developer
Lesley Comeau
Junior Marketing Specialist
Diogo Campanha
Vanik Soghomonyan
Ivan Markiv
Senior QA Engineer
Syed Amais
iOS Developer
Kejda Dervishllari
Analytics and Financial Operations Manager
Giulianna Santos
Marketing Specialist

Scopic has become a family for me, with so many friends and great people around. There’s freedom in the work and communication. Many cultures under one virtual roof makes Scopic very unique and culturally rich. Each colleague leaves their mark on the company, adding value for all of us.

Sergij Rylskyj
Technical Lead
Betim Mehmeti
Project Manager
Dmitry Bardadymov
Technical QA Engineer
Oleg Chepurko
Desktop Developer
Ornela Shahinaj
Junior Financial Operations Analyst
Yllka Berisha
HR Specialist
Alex Radevich
Technical Sales Specialist
Tia Anggraeni
Recruiting Lead
Valerii Saribekian
Desktop Developer
Jade Lansing
Recruiting Manager
Elen Aslanyan
Resource Operations Coordinator
Tracy Luong
Web Developer
Ronald Castillo
Web Developer
Geraldine Del Rosario
Project Manager
Enida Prespa
HR Coordinator
Christy Kirkpatrick
Accounting Manager
Yuliia Karnas
Junior Operations Manager
Brian Alba
Technical QA Engineer
Valëart Doli
Project Manager
Tim Burr
CEO & Founder
Xheni Karamani
Junior Financial Analyst
Dejan Jovanovic
Project Manager

and many more...

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