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Rehab Bookings

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The Challenge

Finding the right rehab facility can be frustrating as the process is often too long and inconvenient. This is one of the main reasons people struggling with addiction feel demotivated to seek treatment. Additionally, treatment centers find it hard to collect all needed patient information as the process is not streamlined.

The Vision

Rehab Bookings is a web application that helps streamline the whole rehab booking process for both patients and rehab centers. It allows web users to easily search through the database of rehab facilities across the USA and inquire about booking a stay with them. It also enables rehab facilities to become Featured Listings on the website.

The Scopic Solution

To create a user-friendly, effective solution, Rehab Bookings teamed up with Scopic.
Our expert web app developers created a simplistic yet powerful solution that helps web users find all the information they need about different rehab centers. The intuitive user interface guides the user through a few simple steps, including selecting a location, preferred dates, submitting an inquiry, and confirming the booking.
Additionally, we did a few marketing initiatives to promote the web app; we created a full SEO campaign and wrote engaging, optimized content for the whole website, including a couple of blogs. We also set up Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and prepared conversion tracking.

Skills Involved:

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