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MD Ally 

Real-Time Telehealth Support for Non-Critical Patients 

An Advanced 9-1-1 Eco System to Expand Your Impact

The Challenge

There are millions of non-emergency calls made to 911 each year. This puts a lot of pressure on dispatchers and amounts to longer response times and higher emergency service costs.  

Additionally, sorting through the high-risk and less critical cases is challenging for dispatchers, reducing their productivity and efficiency. MD Ally is a public safety telehealth solution that enables dispatchers and first responders to connect non-emergency callers to telehealth and local community resources. 

The Vision

MD Ally partners with Public Safety to provide telehealth support to non-critical patients that reach out to 9-1-1 services. The platform gives them easy real-time access to all the resources and services they need. MD Ally also offers live conference calls with audio and video, where patients can talk to a physician, pharmacy, or any other party that can help provide better care. 

The Scopic Solution

Scopic helped create the MD Ally application and implement Twilio video, audio, and interactive voice response features. Other areas we helped with:  

  • Encounter notes and documentation for tracking vital patient information 
  • Easy audio, video, and follow-up calls with patients 
  • Escalating issues to 9-1-1 services 
  • Adding a translator, pharmacy, or other parties to the encounter 
  • IVR system to help patients or EMT services get directed to the correct line
  • SMS notifications for patients and providers
  • File and photo upload so patients and EMTs can share relevant files or photos 

Skills Involved:

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