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Homegrown Nursery

Bringing Convenience and Quality to What Can Be a Tricky Industry

Building Trust.

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The Marketing Challenge Summarized

The recreational marijuana industry is enjoying unprecedented growth, with more and more players entering this market. Differentiating your business while navigating this highly regulated domain can become an uphill battle.

Major social media platforms and Google also have policies that limit social media marketing and advertising options for recreational marijuana companies, leaving the brands with word of mouth referrals as their primary source of business.

The Vision Behind the App

This scenario requires companies to reinforce their websites and become creative! HomeGrown Nursery’s vision consisted of establishing itself as an online leader by providing a consistent and reliable source of valuable information to potential clients. They aimed to curate the design of their website so that it reflected their deep expertise. The founder’s clear vision particularly involved drawing in more prospects by adopting SEO best practices.

After getting familiarized with Scopic’s marketing experience, he entrusted us to develop the right strategy that would increase the company’s online presence.

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The Scopic Solution

To bring the company’s vision to reality, we offered the all-in-one Scopic solution.

First, we worked on the keyword mapping, URL structure, and content recommendations for the whole website. Then, our design experts ensured the website would have a fresh new look and that it would be 100% responsive in all devices and browsers.

Before the launch, we worked on:

SEO – blogging and implementing SEO tactics such as backlinking

Content – optimizing and writing new pieces of content

Design – making it interactive and user-friendly

Currently, we are running QA tests on HomeGrown Nursery’s website, and we will also be creating new city pages once a month to target local SEO.

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Skills Involved:

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