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An Advanced Coding Test Platform That Helps You Hire the Best Talent 

Robust recruiting and talent assessment web app for the dev sector 

The Challenge

When it comes to hiring tech specialists, the standard language coding tests and quizzes simply don’t work. Such tests can’t assess the candidate’s in-depth technical skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. That’s why recruiting the right candidate is so difficult. To find the perfect fit, you need to create a real-life simulation of a coding task. But how do you do that exactly? 

The Vision 

Codeaid creators wanted to offer a new robust way to assess developers against realistic challenges. And the solution helps exactly with that – it allows programmers to demonstrate how they react and problem-solve within a realistic project. This ensures you have the best talent on your team, as you can accurately predict on-the-job performance and make better hiring decisions. Best of all, Codeaid is a completely free coding test platform.  

The Scopic Solution

Scopic created Codeaid – a Git-based testing system that simulates a “real-life” environment. The platform offers automated code output and code structure checks. The advanced tool was built to test the code quality and authenticity automatically. Additionally, Codeaid can evaluate how candidates grasp more complex coding concepts such as OOD/OOP, asynchronous programming, API development, and design pattern usage in all their different complexities. 

Automated Code Scoring

Built-in Library of Software Proficiency Tests

Git-Based: Simulating Real-Life Environment

Code Quality Analysis

Completely Free of Charge

Plagiarism Check

Skills Involved:

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