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The Challenge Summarized

Radiology reports can be difficult to read, especially for those without a medical background. This happens because radiology reports are usually written for other medical professionals and not for the general public. Unable to decipher the findings of their MRI or CT scan, patients are left confused and frustrated. Wouldn’t it be helpful if radiologists could take a look at the images and explain them to you in plain language?

The Vision Behind the App

Creators of Mediphany envisioned a helpful solution that would address this challenge once and for all. They wanted to build an application that would offer clear, personalized video explanations of patients’ radiology results, using simple everyday language. They turned to Scopic to make this vision a reality.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic helped create Mediphany, a powerful software that helps create personalized video reports for all types of MRI and CT examinations. These video reports provide customers with easy-to-understand explanations of their medical conditions, using 3D models and comparisons to aid with learning.


Mediphany offers a range of patient-focused features, such as:

Desktop video recorder

Shows two sets of scans side by side, with voiceover and insertion of supplementary materials.

Visual comparisons

Help understand your imaging findings compared to normal samples.  

3D Models

 Demonstrate exactly where your imaging findings are located on your body. 

Online Portal

Allows you to store and share your video reports and scans.  


Skills Involved:

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