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Cross-Platform Radiology Software

Upload your images and get personalized MRI or CT video reports

medical imaging application for custom radiology reports

The Challenge Summarized

Deciphering your medical images by yourself can be tough, especially if you’re not a medical professional. So, if you want to get a second opinion on your radiology pictures – you have to go to a medical center. Unfortunately, getting personalized radiology reports from a clinic is not an easy solution either. Going to the radiology center can be quite costly in terms of money and time: you will have to commute, wait in the line indefinitely, and pay hundreds of dollars just to get a professional to take a look your medical imaging. All these factors can make people wary of their hospital visits. Wouldn’t it be great to have a one-stop shop for all your medical imaging needs from the comfort of your home?

The Vision

Mediphany founders recognized these inefficiencies, and decided to create an all-in-one radiology imaging analysis platform. They were looking for experienced HIPAA-compliant medical developers, and that’s how they found Scopic.

Mediphany (Medical+Epiphany) is a radiology imaging software, that helps patients read their MRI and CTI scans with a help of high-quality 3D models and scans for comparison. With Mediphany, anyone can upload medical images safely, and get personal guidance from leading radiology industry professionals at a fraction of the time that it would normally take them.  Getting the guidance of qualified radiology professionals remotely has never been easier! 



desktop version mediphany radiology application development services.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic helped create Mediphany, a powerful software that generates personalized video reports for all types of MRI and CT examinations. These video reports provide customers with easy-to-understand explanations of their medical conditions, using 3D models and comparisons to aid with learning. All these features make it easier for clients to get medical imaging reports, saving them time and money when compared to traditional radiology center visits.

In developing the Mediphany project, Scopic adeptly harnessed various AWS services to create a comprehensive and efficient healthcare solution. ECS Fargate was employed for containerized application deployment, ensuring seamless scalability and resource optimization. CloudWatch Logs were integrated for centralized log management, enabling real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. EventBridge played a pivotal role in scheduling and orchestrating jobs, enhancing the system’s automation capabilities. Elasticache (Redis) was leveraged for both caching and queueing, optimizing data access and ensuring efficient task processing. S3 served as a reliable and scalable object storage solution for managing and storing diverse data types securely. The CodePipeline and CodeBuild services facilitated a robust CI/CD pipeline, streamlining development workflows. Additionally, CDK was utilized to maintain infrastructure as code, enabling reproducibility and scalability in managing the AWS resources. Through the strategic integration of these AWS services, Scopic successfully crafted Mediphany into a resilient, scalable, and cost-effective healthcare solution, ensuring data integrity, precision, and compliance with industry standards.

Not only did Scopic develop the application, but we also devised an effective marketing strategy to help grow their user base and increase conversions.

Mediphany was impressed with the comprehensive solution provided by Scopic:

“Our Scopic team members are extremely responsive and helpful. As a non-technical business owner, I rely on Scopic for their guidance and expertise. I consider them a huge part of our business team and we couldn’t operate and develop without them. I highly recommend partnering with them”

– Josh Polster, CEO

Mediphany offers a range of patient-focused features, such as:


Desktop Video Recorder

Shows visual comparison of scans, with voiceover and supplementary materials


Self-Service Area

Use 3D graphics, sample reports, and other tools to evaluate own images


Built-in DICOM Viewer

View any kind of radiology images, with no upload size limits

Order Management System

Track registrations, send drip campaigns, cart reminders

Radiology Imaging CRM

Managing all the communication between partners, patients, and doctors in one place

Online Patient Portal

Purchase and view reports, share the results, and manage subscriptions

cross platform development of a radiology application screenshots

Skills Involved:

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