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Meet Scopic

Your success-driving partner for high-quality software development solutions.

At Scopic, we believe in the transformative power of exceptional software, and we’ve assembled a remarkable team of visionaries who share that belief.

Our diverse group of experts work in tandem to create digital products that both engage users and drive business results. We’ve honed our industry expertise across a wide range of sectors, from trading and healthcare to retail, e-commerce, and beyond. But don’t just take our word for it – our extensive portfolio and glowing testimonials from satisfied clients stand as a testament to our ability to turn bold ideas into tangible, lasting success stories.

Innovate and Captivate with Bespoke Software Solutions

Rise above the “Build it, and they will come” mindset. Let us help you in crafting bespoke solutions, ensuring the perfect unity between your vision, your audience, and the rapidly evolving digital world.

Custom Software Development

Transform your unique ideas into tailored software solutions, expertly developed to address challenges across diverse industries and deliver results.

UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX design experts meticulously craft tailored, user-centric interfaces to deliver a seamless, intuitive, and memorable user experience.

Web Development

Experience cutting-edge web solutions, including specialized web apps, stunning websites, and responsive designs, providing high usability and capabilities to meet diverse needs.

Digital Marketing Services

Through data-driven strategies and creative ingenuity, we amplify your brand’s reach, converting your target audience into loyal customers with our comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

Mobile App Development

Embrace the mobile-first world with our cross-platform mobile app development services, designed for optimal scalability to grow alongside your evolving business needs.

Want to know more about our services?

Whant to know more about our services?

Unlocking Potential Across Industries!

As a team of seasoned software development experts, we pride ourselves in our extensive experience across a multitude of industries, ensuring we speak the language of your niche and understand your unique challenges.

Look at industries we’ve worked with


We’ve implemented our medical imaging software development services into the practice of numerous professionals in the dental, plastic surgery, neurocognitive, and other healthcare sectors, to solve life-changing challenges and increase patient satisfaction.

As an established HEALTHCARE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, we’re proud to be on the forefront of medical technology innovation alongside our clients. Whether you’re looking for telehealth solutions or an electronic health records application, we’re ready to help you design and build it.


Looking for a solution to overcome your biggest roadblocks? Scopic helps financial companies to increase efficiency and streamline business processes while staying compliant, and meeting financial regulations.

View our Custom Finacial Software Solutions

Trading Platform Dev

Follow market trends or analyze stock markets. Gain access to cumulative live data or make trades in real-time. Whatever your business needs, we offer full-service solutions to increase our client’s profit margins.

View our Trading Software Development Solutions


Hoping to gain more control over your systems, reduce downtime, and increase the efficiency of your workflow? From CAD/CAM/CNC and collaborative engineering design, furniture and cabinet modeling to embedded controllers, our development team help manufacturers automate processes and increase up-time.

View our Trading Platform Development Solutions


Work with us to turn your vision into an interactive reality. Want to create high-end animation software or children’s edutainment apps?, Or perhaps you plan to build mobile games, or audio mixing and recording software. Whatever you need, we’ve got heaps of experience developing and marketing unique, engaging apps that will stimulate and delight your consumers.



Trying to leave your mark in the up-and-coming legal cannabis industry? We’ve helped numerous cannabis businesses improve their online presence and reach new heights. Scopic, as a company, has years of experience in the industry with a record of proven results.

View Our Dispensary Marketing Solutions

Health & Fitness

Bring your health & fitness app development to life and help users live healthier and happier lives. Create custom fitness apps that include features like exercise routines, nutrition planners, activity trackers, weight loss, and meditation.

View our Fitness App Development Services


Change what’s possible through education — one platform at a time. Build custom e-learning experiences that fit your vision. Create tools that assist with higher education online or apps that help toddlers through their most important developmental years. Together we can facilitate innovative learning experiences.

View our Education Software Development Services


Compete in the virtual world of medicine with powerful telehealth technology. From patient portals to HIPAA compliant communication tools — work with Scopic to custom build scalable telemed solutions tailored to your clinic’s needs.


Delivering Products That Soar

Let’s bridge the gap between your ideas and a finished product ready to go to market.

After all, why partner with multiple companies when you can turn to an all-in-one software development company? From Boston, USA, and the rest of the world, Scopic has been helping small to midsize businesses pivot towards long-lasting success.

Talk to us about your business goals. We can boost your company’s growth with customized software solutions that propel you to new heights, streamline operations, and captivate your target audience,

Hear it from Our Clients

There's nothing quite as rewarding as knowing our solutions make a significant impact. Hear from our esteemed clients who have experienced first-hand the transformative power of our teleradiology services.

Meet Our Scopic Experts

Made in Massachusetts, international to the core. With over 1,000 projects under our belt and a team of expert software developers, designers, and marketers, there is no digital product we can’t create and no market we can’t help you break.

Marketing Experts

Pioneers of persuasive narratives, our marketing experts craft the strategies that spotlight your brand and captivate your audience.

  • Natasa Ljesevic
  • Kristina Poghosyan
  • Ela Galanxhi
  • Courtney Schwikkard
  • Petra Brankovska
  • Alan Omarov
  • Nhat Bui
  • Bogdan Marchuk
  • Taras Shchehelskyi
  • Zviadi Varshanidze

Engineering Team

Our engineers are at the heart of our operations and utilize only the best cutting-edge technologies to bring innovative, practical, and robust solutions to life.

Software Development Experts

Meet our Software Development team, experts at turning complex ideas into tangible, cutting-edge digital products.

  • Sergij Rylskyj
  • Muhammad Nagy
  • Diogo Campanha
  • Ismael de la Riva
  • Ruell Magpayo
  • Ivan Vucic
  • Betim Mehmeti
  • Anton Sokoli
  • Cate Barari
  • Milena Radevic

Project Management Team

From inception to fruition, our project management team ensures the timely execution and efficient coordination of every project.

Design Experts

Stand out in the digital crowd with the help of our designers, who skillfully blend aesthetics with functionality, crafting visually striking and user-friendly interfaces that captivate and engage.

  • Hanjo Burger
  • Eugen Lapshin
  • Vesna Simic
  • Anna Kravchenko
  • Haykaz Khachikyan
  • Karen Araullo
  • Ivan Markiv

Quality Assurance Experts

Anchored in meticulous attention to detail, our QAs uphold the highest standards, ensuring your products are flawless and market-ready.

Natasa Ljesevic

Marketing Experts

Kristina Poghosyan

Marketing Experts

Ela Galanxhi

Marketing Experts

Courtney Schwikkard

Marketing Experts

Petra Brankovska

Marketing Experts

Alan Omarov

Engineering Team

Nhat Bui

Engineering Team

Bogdan Marchuk

Engineering Team

Taras Shchehelskyi

Engineering Team

Zviadi Varshanidze

Engineering Team

Sergij Rylskyj

Software Development Experts

Muhammad Nagy

Software Development Experts

Diogo Campanha

Software Development Experts

Ismael Humberto de la Riva

Software Development Experts

Ruell Magpayo

Software Development Experts

Ivan Vucic

Project Management Team

Betim Mehmeti

Project Management Team

Anton Sokoli

Project Management Team

Cate Barari

Project Management Team

Milena Radevic

Project Management Team

Hanjo Burger

Design Experts

Eugen Lapshin

Design Experts

Vesna Simic

Design Experts

Anna Kravchenko

Quality Assurance Experts

Haykaz Khachikyan

Quality Assurance Experts

Karen Araullo

Quality Assurance Experts

Ivan Markiv

Quality Assurance Experts

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At Scopic, software development is just the beginning. We go beyond the realms of desktop, web, and mobile app development. Through our full-service development, design and marketing solutions, we can help your firm realize its digital goals. Let’s get coding, designing, and promoting your brand online!

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