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Building the next generation of tools for modern real estate agents.

Purpose-built marketing software tailored to the real estate industry

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The Challenge 

Selling real estate is a tough job. Landing deals for high-quality real estate takes charisma, professionalism, and remarkable presentation. Engaging buyers effectively is one of the top priorities of any successful real estate agent. And any real estate agent needs a good presentation. But how can they make one that will stand out from the crowd?

The Vision

Founded by veteran real estate professionals, HighNote has a mission to provide marketing tools that ease the presentation part of any real estate deal. It combines the knowledge and experience of realtors with high-end design and top-tier marketing assets catered to the real estate sector. HighNote creators wanted to empower agents and brokerages to design unique professional real estate pitches and presentations that bring value.

In their search for a full-service marketing agency to optimize their website for the search engines and increase the user engagement of the app, they found Scopic.

real estate marketing platform

The Scopic Solution

HighNote supports instant file and links embedding, and it allows you to add property documents, websites, videos, 3D walk-throughs, and many more assets directly into your presentation.

HighNote partnered with Scopic to promote their application and increase user engagement through proper SEO optimization. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we analyzed their website and made technical SEO fixes to help HighNote rank better on the results pages. Our marketing experts also ran effective email marketing to boost their conversion and user retention.

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Skills Involved:

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