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Your Trusted Healthcare App Development Company to Bridge Tech and Care

With precision engineering and astute design, our healthcare app development services translate your ideas into accessible, high-impact, patient-centric solutions.

Healthcare App Development Company
healthcare app development services

Powering the Future of Healthcare App Development Solutions

At Scopic, innovation meets compassion in our pursuit to craft state-of-the-art healthcare app solutions. But our mission is not just to create cutting-edge technology with the latest and greatest features but also to enhance patient care and make healthcare accessible to all.

We believe in the power of digital solutions to transform lives, and we channel this belief into creating applications that make healthcare more efficient, more personalized, and more accessible. Our commitment to this mission is unwavering, as we continuously strive to bridge the gap between medical needs and technological possibilities.

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From Concept to Reality: Our Healthcare Mobile App Development Services

EHR Software Development
Go beyond traditional EMR software and get integrated solutions that streamline operations and enhance patient care.
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Telemedicine App Development
Our telemedicine apps are designed to break geographical boundaries, enabling real-time interaction and streamlined healthcare processes.
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Telehealth App Development
Enhancing healthcare accessibility, our telehealth apps provide secure and affordable cloud-based communication, consultation, and collaboration across the healthcare industry.
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Fitness and wellness app development
Inspire a healthy lifestyle with fitness and wellness apps, providing users with the tools they need to track and improve their fitness.
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Health Apps

Make healthcare more accessible and efficient with mobile health apps that put healthcare at the fingertips of patients and providers.

Nutrition Apps

Help users monitor and improve their nutrition for better health outcomes with our nutrition apps, featuring personalized meal plans and tracking features.

Appointment Scheduling Apps

Simplify the booking process, allowing patients to schedule appointments effortlessly and manage their healthcare calendar.

Remote patient monitoring applications

Enable healthcare providers to monitor patients’ health status in real-time, improving care and reducing hospital visits.

Teleradiology Solutions
Facilitate the secure and efficient transmission of radiological images with our teleradiology solutions.
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Dental and Orthodontic Software Applications

From managing patient records and appointments to visualizing treatment plans with advanced imaging capabilities, we can help you optimize your dental practice.

Data security and compliance

Our commitment to data security and compliance is a key aspect of our healthcare development services. We ensure all our healthcare apps are HIPAA-compliant, prioritizing the security of sensitive patient data.

Why We’re the Right Team for the Job

We’re industry veterans when it comes to creating custom healthcare solutions. With a deep understanding of the regulatory intricacies of the healthcare sector, our multidisciplinary team excels at crafting secure, HIPAA-compliant apps that not only meet your business needs but also provide a user-centric experience. Our expertise in software development, coupled with an unflinching commitment to innovation, ensures we deliver healthcare applications that are both impactful and reliable.

Proven Expertise, Proven Results

  • 16+ years’ experience in software development
  • A team of over 280 experts from over 60 countries
  • An award-winning company
  • Over 1000 projects completed
  • Experience building HIPAA-Compliant software
  • An all-in-one software development and marketing agency

Experience the Heartbeat of Innovation with Our Key Features

Appointment Scheduling

Streamline your patient’s booking experience with an intuitive, easy-to-use appointment scheduling feature.


Shift from traditional prescription methods with a digital solution that allows for quick, accurate, and convenient prescription management.

EHR/EMR Integration

Facilitate seamless integration with existing EHR/EMR systems, ensuring accurate and up-to-date patient information is readily available for healthcare providers.

Secure Messaging

Prioritize patient confidentiality with secure messaging, a feature that safeguards sensitive health information while facilitating effective communication.

Billing and Payment

Simplify the payment process with an integrated billing system, making transactions swift and hassle-free.

Patient Portals

Empower patients with secure access to their health records, appointment schedules, and more through dedicated patient portals.

Video Conferencing

Enable virtual consultations with a built-in video conferencing tool, expanding service reach and offering convenience to both patients and providers.

Health Tracking

Enable patients to monitor their health metrics regularly and share updates with healthcare providers for personalized care.

Integration with Wearable Devices

Connect with wearable devices to gather real-time health data, providing valuable insights for personalized care.

Analytics and Reporting

Leverage data-driven insights with robust analytics and reporting tools to aid in informed decision-making and improved healthcare outcomes.

A Glimpse into Our Creative World

Dive into our portfolio and witness the innovative spirit that drives us to create industry-leading applications.

Hear it from Our Clients

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as knowing our solutions make a significant impact. Hear from our esteemed clients who have experienced first-hand the transformative power of our teleradiology services.

The Tools Behind the Magic

Explore the technologies that empower us to create dynamic, scalable, and secure applications tailored to your needs.





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Healthcare App Development FAQs

What sets your healthcare app development services apart from others?

At Scopic, we don't just build apps; we create digital health experiences. Our team's deep understanding of the healthcare sector, coupled with our tech prowess, allows us to create solutions that are truly tailored to your needs. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all; we believe in the perfect fit.

How do you ensure data security and compliance with healthcare regulations?

We take data security and compliance very seriously. We prioritize HIPAA compliance and ensure end-to-end encryption in our healthcare apps. While our secure cloud-based technology is designed with all necessary compliance requirements in mind.

Can you integrate our healthcare app with existing systems like EMRs or EHRs?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of seamless integration. We provide EHR and EMT implementation services to ensure a smooth transition from your existing process to an electronic health record system. 

What is the typical timeline for healthcare app development?

The timeline for healthcare app development varies based on the complexity of the project and your specific requirements. We work closely with you to establish a timeline that meets your needs while ensuring the highest quality of work.

How do you handle updates and maintenance of healthcare apps?

Our commitment to you doesn't end with the launch of your app. Our team is always ready to implement updates, fix bugs, and ensure your app continues to run smoothly.

Do you offer customized solutions to meet our specific requirements?

Of course, it’s what we do best! We understand that each healthcare provider has unique needs. Our team is skilled in developing customized solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Can you develop apps for both iOS and Android platforms?

Yes. We develop apps for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring your app reaches a wide audience.

How do you ensure a user-friendly experience for patients and healthcare providers?

Our apps are always designed with the end user in mind, ensuring a seamless experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

Do you provide ongoing technical support after the app is launched?

Yes. We provide ongoing technical support to ensure your app continues to function optimally long after it's launched.

What is the process of working with your healthcare app development team?

Working with our healthcare app development team at Scopic is a well-structured and collaborative journey:

  • Planning and Rough Estimates: We initiate the process by understanding your specific needs and goals.
  • Discovery and Analysis Phase: We conduct a detailed analysis of the project requirements and define the scope of the project, providing a framework with actionable steps and custom estimates.
  • Final Estimates: Post-analysis, we provide final estimates. Once an agreement is reached, our team is fully allocated to the project, and development kicks off.
  • Development and Testing: Our talented team gets to work, crafting the app and rigorously testing it to ensure it's up to our high standards.
  • Deployment: Ready, set, launch! Your app is now live and ready to make waves in the healthcare industry.
  • Maintenance and Support: We stand by our work, offering ongoing support to ensure your app continues to thrive.

Can you provide references or case studies of successful healthcare app projects?

With pleasure! We have an array of case studies showcasing our success in healthcare app development.

Here are just some of our favorite projects we’ve worked on over the years:

  • MD Ally
  • Mediphany
  • ECS Clinical
  • Medical Records Tracker
  • RokketMed

What are the cost considerations for healthcare app development?

The cost of healthcare app development can vary based on several factors, such as the complexity of the app, the specific features required, and the level of customization needed. We strive to provide cost-effective and scalable solutions, and we recommend reaching out to us for a detailed quote tailored to your project's needs.

How can I get started with my healthcare app development project?

To kickstart your healthcare app development project with Scopic, simply fill in the form above and tell us a little bit about what you need, and someone from our team will be in touch to schedule a full consultation. Alternatively, you can contact us on:

+1 (508) 886-3240
+1 (855) 717-5586 (Toll Free)

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