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Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software Solutions

Monitoring and tracking the health of your patients is now in your hands — literally.

EHR software allows doctors, nurses and technicians full oversight of patients’ electronic health records. The best part about electronic health record software is sharing detailed information between facilities, laboratories, hospitals, and specialists to streamline communication.

Gone are the days of losing records, facilitating similar tests and writing emails to inform other specialists. Patient management has never looked this good!

Your patients will thank you, too. With a tap of a button, records are shared with specialists, pharmacies, dentists, laboratories, and more! Patients no longer have to remember their results or records and healthcare providers can rest assured they get health information straight from the source.

Features and Benefits of EHR software

Custom EHR software is built to support the staff, nurses, technicians, and doctors with their everyday tasks. These tasks often take up too much time, have high human errors and have become an administrative burden to patient care and healthcare organizations. EHR features aim to overcome these issues to automate medical admin. Custom EHR software development services will assist medical practitioners, health care providers, and staff to:

  • Share lab results with both doctors and patients
  • Set appointments and send confirmations instantly
  • Send questions directly to a general practitioner or
    pharmacy if a patient has any questions
  • Communicate with nursing home patients and patients with disabilities
  • Communicate directly with caregivers once a patient is discharged
  • Generate reports and certifications
  • Create e-prescriptions
  • Alert patients to take their medication
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Request an e-prescription refill
  • Give patients access to articles and facts about their conditions and medications

EMR Software Development Solutions

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems are geared to collect and report/display the standard medical and clinical information about a patient. Doctors and their patients find great benefits with software systems that store and display e-health records. Many EMR applications also include a patient portal where records like allergies, medications/prescriptions, laboratory results, downloadable content, and past/upcoming doctor’s visits are displayed. A custom EMR solution also ensures confidentiality while doctors focus on patient engagement while providing expert medical care.

ehr market presentation

Features and Benefits of EMR Software

EMR software development have a range of features that all come with amazing benefits for both medical care and patient data management.

Reduce manual coding
errors with billing information

ehr product and lab test

Share laboratory

access control and management

Access list of medications/


core features of ehr application

List benefits and
coverage options

health data in medical practices

Segment and tag patient’s
health record

document and practice management system


We’re An EHR Software Company That Gets It Done

If you’re looking to be HIPAA and GDPR compliant while communicating patient information between medical professionals, our EHR developers are here to help.
Our software development solutions feature:

HIPAA compliance

HIPAA compliance

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance

medical data security and encryption

Medical data security
and encryption

billing integration

Billing integration

API support

API support and

These features together with our extensive experience with EMR and EHR development help us build telehealth, healthcare, EHR applications, and custom EMR software like:

  • Patient portals
  • Merit-Based Incentive Payment Systems (MIPS)
  • Clinical decision support systems for medical devices
  • Clinical workflows
  • Doctor-patient communication platforms
  • ICD-10 code generation
  • Protected Health Information (PHI) dashboards
  • EHR integration services
  • E-prescribing platforms
  • Digital prescriptions

EMR and EHR Integrations

We take our lead from you when it comes to designing and developing software for medical and health records. We’ll find the best integrations to make your software work for you, your practice staff, and your patients.

Our software solutions feature:

dr Chrono
All Scripts
Care Cloud
Cure MD
Athena Health
Open EMR

Let’s Get Coding!

We have more than 15 years of experience creating custom web development and mobile development solutions for clients around the world. Our solutions, teams and experience are as unique as the technologies we use to create our software solutions.

Microsoft .Net
Google Cloud
Amazon AWS

Out expert team of developers and designers have created hundreds of applications for clients in many markets and clients including:

Medical records tracking

EMR tracking app

yoga and ehr software development


Personal training solutions

Recipe and calorie tracker


EMR and EHR Software Development FAQs

What is the difference between EHR and EMR software?

Electronic health records (EHR) and EMR (electronic medical records) sounds similar but when it comes to the end result and development, an EHR system offers more solutions and integrations than EMR software. EMR stores, displays, and reports patient information based on the data and results inputted by a medical practitioner. An EMR is used mostly internally for communication and filing in clinics.
EHR, on the other hand, offers everything a EMR system does, and more. EHR systems include EHR integration with other practicians, clinics and medical facilities. This data exchange streamlines admin, reduces manual errors, communicates results, sets and confirms appointments, and automates operations. By hiring an EHR software development company, you can create EHR software that combines a practice management system with patients’ medical records.

What is an EHR developer?

EHR developers specialise in creating EHR systems for clients in the medical and healthcare industry, and healthcare organizations. They focus on developing integrations for management and reservation systems, laboratories, pharmacies and patient apps.

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