Telehealth and Telemedicine Software Development Company

Scopic’s telehealth and telemedicine software development pros create HIPAA-compliant applications that allow physicians, specialists, and clinics to better compete in the virtual healthcare industry. Learn how we can help transform your and your patients’ experience with our telemedicine development services.

How Telemedicine App Development Benefits You and Your Patients

The pandemic accelerated the need for reliable virtual medical assistance channels in the US and around the world. Telehealth applications have already saved lives and are on track to become the norm for healthcare. With a custom telehealth solution, you can continue providing quality care online, with fewer location and time restrictions.

Telehealth & Telemedicine software development solutions enable healthcare professionals to:

Treat more patients in
areas far and wide

Telehealth software development services help healthcare providers reach patients in rural or distant locations.

Have more time for

With advanced healthcare software, doctors can devote more time and attention to patient needs.

Provide more
affordable care

Telehealth software development services help healthcare providers reach patients in rural or distant locations.

Provide a more pleasant patient experience

With increased flexibility and features like real-time video calling, medical chart screen share, and electronic health records, patients have a more satisfactory experience.

Decrease canceled appointments

Offering easily accessible telemedicine platforms, telehealth mobile apps, and other advanced healthcare solutions can significantly reduce last-minute cancellations.


Since virtual care delivery increases capacity and visit volume, it also drives up profits.

Custom telehealth software solutions help patients to:

Be treated without any travel or waiting required

Telehealth and telemedicine software development solutions enable patients to access healthcare services without having to travel or wait in long lines for hours.

Reach specialists that may have been previously unreachable

A custom telehealth or telemedicine solution gives patients easy access to specialists that might otherwise be hard to reach.

Access more affordable healthcare options

Telehealth and telemedicine app development services enable professionals to provide more affordable services, significantly reducing patients’ medical bills.

Provide a more pleasant patient experience

A telemedicine app development solution can help patients with rare diseases meet their medical needs from the safety of their homes.

Have safe, contactless appointments

Telehealth software solutions reduce patient physical exposure, supporting social distancing.

A Look at Scopic’s Telehealth
Software Solutions in Action

Scopic helped the Medical Records Tracker (MRT) founder create a seamless, easy-to-use telehealth application. The MRT app aims to improve the way people manage healthcare and reduce the time patients and doctors have to spend on setting up appointments.
The app also allows users to:

  • Securely store all their electronic health records (EHR)
  • Schedule online appointments from anywhere
  • Keep track of healthcare regiments
  • Set up timely mobile alerts

Telehealth Software Development Company That Makes Providing Quality Virtual Care a Reality

We use software development models to design custom telehealth software solutions that help private practitioners, clinics, psychologists, dermatologists, dieticians, and other specialty doctors provide exceptional care from anywhere around the globe. The most important part – we can build software that keeps your patients’ sensitive health information secure at all times. As a leading telehealth and telemedicine software development company, we design custom solutions that provide first-rate:


Data storage

Keep all patient and practice documents, charts, photos, and prescriptions safe and all in the same place.


Video appointments

A custom telehealth or telemedicine solution gives patients easy access to specialists that might otherwise be hard to reach.


Practice management

Automate your appointment scheduling, prescription renewal, and remote patient monitoring tasks, so no patient is left behind.


Emergency assistance

Provide emergency and natural disaster relief at any time with chat functions and immediate appointment scheduling for patients near and far.


Patient portals

Empower your patients to keep track of their own care with a patient portal that provides a seamless user experience, lab test results, educational…

Choose Scopic as your telehealth and telemedicine app development company provider to produce software development services that helps you offer the same level of bedside manner, be it if you are in your office or online.

Use Custom Telehealth and Telemedicine Software Development Services to Deliver Quality Medical Care to Your Patient’s Front Door

Building a custom healthcare telemedicine solution allows you to pick and choose which features you need in your application. Some capabilities common to telehealth and telemedicine app development include:

Standards and Compliance

At Scopic, we have a decade and a half of experience creating innovative custom healthcare software development services that revolutionize how doctors and dentists run their practices. We are the go-to developers for small to midsize businesses who want to build innovative yet secure medical applications to get a leg up on the competition.

Our custom healthcare solutions are 100% compliant with HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).
To ensure protected health information and compliance with all government regulations at all times, we use:

DICOM viewer software

(for easy visualization, storing, and sharing medical images)

Advanced data security features


Our devops and engineers can help you build an application from scratch or integrate software into your already-existing medical practice management software. Whatever your specific need, we can build a custom telehealth or telemedicine mobile app development solution for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between telehealth and telemedicine?

While both telehealth and telemedicine use technology to provide virtual healthcare services, there are some significant differences between the two:

  • Telehealth encompasses services like telemedicine, teleconsultation, telecoaching, telepsychology, telenursing & telerehabilitation.
  • Telemedicine is a sub-category of telehealth and provides only clinical services such as medication management, chronic conditions management, doctor consultation, and follow-up visits.
Are telemedicine software solutions secure?

Yes, our developers and UX designers create secure telemedicine software solutions that abide by all HIPAA requirements.

How to build telemedicine software?

To create reliable telemedicine software, you need to:

  • Perform business analysis
  • Research the healthcare sector and your competitors
  • Determine what features and integrations your software should have
  • Develop a prototype
  • Test the solution and get feedback from stakeholders
  • Improve the software for better scalability based on the feedback received
  • Launch the live version of the software
What are the different types of telemedicine?

Software development companies create three different types of telemedicine solutions:

  • Store and forward: This type of telemedicine technology reduces the need for in-person visitations. Instead, patients can directly upload all needed medical reports to the telemedicine platform so doctors can review them easily.
  • Remote monitoring: These solutions are designed to monitor a patient’s vital signs with the help of technological and medical devices (regulated by the FDA).
  • Real time interactive software services: Telehealth app development allows for easy patient doctor communication via audio, video, and chats, no matter the location.
What technologies are used in telehealth software and apps?

Telehealth software solutions use various technologies like:

  • Big data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT devices (wireless IoT sensors help detect real-time data changes)
  • Multipoint control units
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Advanced iOS and android tech stacks

All these features ensure minimized inefficiencies and a swift experience for both caregivers and clients.

What are the important features of telemedicine software?

The three main features telemedicine software should have are:

  • Solid security: First and foremost, telemedicine apps and platforms need to abide by all HIPAA compliance requirements to ensure all patient sensitive information is secure.
  • Easy remote connection: Telemedicine software development solutions have to offer remote enablement like screen sharing, e-prescribing, chat, and video call
  • Seamless patient experience: Easy scheduling, virtual waiting room, and other UX design features that elevate the users’ experience are critical for the success of your telehealth app.