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IT Staff Augmentation That Drives Results

Can’t meet project deadlines because you’re understaffed? Struggling to close the skills gap to complete your project? Don’t let resource constraints hold you back.
Hire top talent in the IT industry, available in your timezone. Access our vast pool of highly skilled IT professionals who are ready to seamlessly integrate with your team.
staff augmentation services

With a network of developers spanning over 60 countries, we leverage a global talent pool to deliver exceptional solutions.

it staff augmentation services

Extend Your Team with Certified Top Class IT Talent in Your Time Zone

Struggling to meet your ever-evolving business needs?
We can supercharge your team’s productivity by providing top-notch talent from our vetted pool of developers, engineers, and designers. Our highly skilled IT staff is ready to seamlessly integrate with your in-house team and scale up your project in minimal time.

Scopic has 15+ years of experience in the IT industry and we have completed hundreds of projects in various industries. As a reliable IT staff augmentation service provider, we offer the speed and flexibility you need to bridge the gap between your current workforce and your challenging project goals.

it staff augmentation services
software development staff augmentation

Fast, Professional and Superior IT Team Augmentation for Your Business

At Scopic, we offer staff augmentation services for projects of all types and sizes.
  • Full-time and part-time options:

Do you need full-time software development staff augmentation? No problem! Searching for part-time web developers and designers? Just let us know, and we’ll make it happen!

  • Location and affordability:

With most staff augmentation services, you have to choose between location and affordability. But with Scopic, you don’t have to. We have remote talent available worldwide, so we can offer location-independent specialists at affordable rates. This means we can match you with specialists from your time zone without draining your budget.

Seamless Access to Dedicated IT Teams: Anytime, Anywhere

As staff augmentation is an on-demand type of service, you need to ensure the service provider you choose can offer optimal arrangements for you in terms of:

Finding staff that will fit well in your work environment:

This ensures the extended team will work well with your in-house employees and fit in seamlessly with your company culture. At Scopic, we have remote workers from all over the world, and we know how to adapt to various teams and companies.

Providing high-quality talent in a timely manner:

As staff augmentation is a shortcut to finding and hiring the best talent yourself, it should ideally provide a readily available, highly qualified pool of experts. We guarantee to onboard the specialist as soon as possible with no unexpected delays or long waits.

Ensuring clear and seamless communication and collaboration:

As the remote team will play a vital part in your project, ensuring you can reach out to them during your work hours is essential for success. This is why we match you with team members in a time zone similar to yours and will promptly answer all your queries and requests.

Tech Stacks We Work With

Backend Service Development

Web Application Development

Why Choose Scopic for Staff Augmentation?

We have 15+ years of experience offering software staff augmentation and software development services and we built our own testing platform to evaluate developers’ skills.

Throughout the years, we’ve built expertise as an IT staff augmentation company working alongside teams from various industries.

Whether you’re looking for web, mobile, or desktop app developers, we’ve got what you need. All our developers complete a thorough vetting process where we test their technical skills and knowledge, ensuring you get the best talent.

it staff augmentation company
it staff augmentation company

We Know How to Find the Best Specialists in the Industry

As a team of developers, we know how hard it is to find the talent needed to create successful software solutions.

That’s why we created Codeaid.

The Codeaid platform is an advanced coding test platform that helps recruiters assess developers against realistic challenges. We use Codeaid in our own hiring process, making sure you have the best talent in your team.

Our IT Staff Augmentation Process Workflow

Our staff augmentation process is optimized to ensure you get the expert help you need in a timely manner. Here’s a breakdown of how the workflow looks:

Understanding your requirements:

First, we will get on a call with you to understand what specialists you need, how big your team is, and what the nature and timeline of your project are.

Onboarding the extended team:

Next, it’s time to onboard and integrate the hires with your in-house team. They get familiar with all your processes, the project details, and the workflow structure. This ensures smooth collaboration and efficient delegation of tasks.

Choosing suitable specialists:

Our developers undergo a rigorous vetting process, from technical interviews to thorough assessments we conduct on the Codeaid coding test platform. With Codeaid, we are able to test each developer against real life simulation tasks so we know how they would perform on real projects. This means we already have a pool of different niche developer experts who’ve been tested and hired, and we can quickly find the best match for you and your project.

Managing the remote staff:

As the remote hires fully integrate into your in-house team, they will adjust to your requirements and processes as needed. In turn, managing the extended team will be no different from coordinating with your in-house staff.

Client Case Studies

Check out some of our client success stories.

Hear it from Our Clients

There's nothing quite as rewarding as knowing our solutions make a significant impact. Hear from our esteemed clients who have experienced first-hand the transformative power of our teleradiology services.

IT Staff Augmentation FAQs

What is IT staff augmentation, and how does it work?

IT staff augmentation is a service that provides businesses with temporary skilled professionals who fill any existing gaps in the business's internal team.

This staffing method involves evaluating the existing team and what additional specialists need to be added. Then the IT staff augmentation company sources and provides the right staff to fulfill the project requirements and fill any skill gaps.

What is the difference between IT staff augmentation, outsourcing, and consulting?

Here are the key differences between IT staff augmentation, outsourcing, and consulting: 

  • IT staff augmentation supplements your team with skilled professionals who provide more flexibility and skills, allowing you to retain full control over your projects. 
  • Outsourcing involves delegating whole projects to an external team. 
  • Consulting focuses on providing expert advice and recommendations. 

Why should I consider staff augmentation for my business?

Staff augmentation comes with several advantages for your business, including: 

  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Shorter recruitment process 
  • Scalability 
  • Easy access to skilled professionals 
  • Faster project completion 
  • Retaining full control over your project while getting external expert help 

How can IT staff augmentation services benefit my company's growth and success?

With IT staff augmentation, you don't have to worry about finding and recruiting professionals on a long-term contract.

This can save you lots of time and money, allowing you to focus on what matters – achieving all your project deliverables. By enhancing your existing team with the skills they're missing in a timely and efficient manner, you ensure your business goals are achieved, propelling your company's growth and success.

What industries do you specialize in for IT staff augmentation?

At Scopic, we specialize in IT staff augmentation across various industries, including:  

  • Entertainment 
  • Health and Fitness 
  • Finance 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Education 
  • Dental and Orthodontics 

How do you ensure the quality and expertise of the IT professionals you provide?

We have a rigorous hiring process, which guarantees the quality and expertise of all our employees. Our screening process includes technical interviews, code testing assessments, thorough evaluation, and reference checks.

At Scopic, we test all our IT professionals with Codeaid – a code assessment platform that tests what really matters in an environment simulating real-life projects. This way, we guarantee our IT and tech specialists will perform at par with all our strict requirements and tackle every project with confidence.

What sets your IT staff augmentation services apart from your competitors?

Our IT staff augmentation services stand out due to our: 

  • Ability to offer an extensive global network of top-tier professionals 
  • 15+ years of experience working on different software development, web development, and mobile development projects 
  • Success as one of the largest virtual companies in the world 

What are the cost implications of using IT staff augmentation compared to traditional hiring methods?

IT staff augmentation offers significant benefits to traditional hiring methods as it eliminates a few expenses related to hiring full-time employees. With staff augmentation, you don't have to worry about paying recruitment fees, employee benefits, or ongoing salaries.

You have the full freedom to change the team's size however you see fit and without the commitment of hiring in-house.

What is the flexibility and scalability of IT staff augmentation in terms of adjusting team size and skillsets?

One of the main benefits of IT staff augmentation is the flexibility and scalability it offers. You can easily ramp up or downsize these resources depending on your needs.

Staff augmentation also gives you access to a pool of highly skilled professionals who can help you achieve all project requirements and adapt to the ever-evolving industry demands.

How do you ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive information when using augmented staff?

Security and confidentiality are our top priorities. That's why we have strict security measures and adhere to industry best practices. We also have non-disclosure agreements that protect your privacy and data security throughout our partnership agreement.

How do you handle performance management and issue resolution for augmented staff members?

We take performance management seriously. Every step of the way, we offer ongoing support and maintain effective collaboration.

Our dedicated project managers closely monitor the project's progress and regularly communicate with you to ensure any issues arising are promptly addressed and eliminated.

Let's talk about your needs and find you the right person for the job!