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Register 2 Vote – Mobile

An application that lets you register to vote in local and national US elections

Download. Register. Vote.

The Voter Registration Application Challenge 

Americans are known for being active participants in both local and national elections. However, in the past registering to vote has been a hassle for first-time voters. The challenge then becomes how to create an accessible application that allows US citizens to register to vote.

The Vision Behind the App

The vision behind Register 2 Vote was to build a cross-platform mobile application for iOS and Android allowing users to register for voting in the local and national US elections straight from their mobile device. This simplified registration process would in turn increase voter participation rates. With this in mind, Scopic developed the architecture and UX/UI design to be intuitive and attractive on different mobile devices.

The Scopic Solution

Register 2 Vote is an example of a mobile application that lets users register for voting in minutes. Simply click a photo of your driver’s license for identity confirmation. The application will then generate a QR code that can be used to vote at the closest polling station. Using GPS, the location of the nearest polling station can also be shown in the app.

Skills Involved:

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