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8+ Advantages of Web Apps You Never Thought About

by | November 24, 2021

With the constant advancements in computer technology and the advent of increased internet connectivity, web apps are now being used by virtually everyone.

So, are there any game-changing advantages of web apps to make them stand out in the world of native development?

The answer is a strong and resounding yes.

Web apps provide unmatched flexibility when it comes to software development. The main benefit of using a web application is that when it’s developed, it can be deployed on thousands of different devices at once. All you have to do is boot up your gadget, enter the URL in the browser field, and voila – you are running a web app with no issues.

But unmatched flexibility is just one of many advantages of internet-based applications…

Curious to learn how web apps can change the way you look at software development? Read on to learn 8+ surprising advantages of web apps.

What are Web Apps and How do They Compare to Native Development?

web app advantage - cross platform development and playback

The main question many business owners ask: “Should I use web applications, or desktop applications to fuel operations of my business?”

The answer might surprise you – it is both.

Web apps have a clear edge over desktop apps because they can be used on virtually any operating system. The key benefit here can be summarized in a simple equation:

Deploy once = Deploy everywhere

Web apps use web development technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript) to power your application, while the app itself is running in the cloud. This means that web apps require a constant connection to the internet. Additionally, web apps can be run by all the modern browsers, which makes the majority of web apps playable across all of the mainstream devices.

On the other hand, Desktop applications or ‘native’ applications are computer programs that need to be installed on your computer, and they will work solely on the platform, for which they were developed. Native apps use your device’s computing power and can be used without an Internet connection.

Now that we understand the main differences between native development and web development, let’s take a look at the 8 main advantages of internet-based applications.

8+ Surprising Advantages of Usine Web Apps to Fuel Your Business

#1: Higher Accessibility

If you have a phone – you can already use most of the web apps on the internet, that’s the beauty of it. Because web apps are written mostly using HTML5, CSS, and other Web Development frameworks, they can be played on most browsers on a myriad of different devices. These are the wonders of cross-platform mobile app development.

#2: No software installs or updates are required.

Since all the web apps are stored on a cloud server, you don’t have to install them. Just imagine how much data you are saving by accessing Facebook/Twitter/Uber from the cloud, rather than installing an App on your PC. Additionally, web app versions can be updated internally, so users will never have to worry about thousands of annoying update notifications.

#3: Centralized and secure data.

Malware-infected programs installed on your PC can potentially get access to all the data that is stored on the same hard drive.

Web-based applications provide an additional layer of security by removing access to the data and back-end services. The data is usually stored on database servers providing enhanced security and facilitating easier backup processes.

#4: Reduced Hardware and Maintenance Costs

Web-based systems can eliminate the need for powerful client PCs. Instead of using the machine power, in web apps processing takes place on the host server. Therefore, the storage, processor, and memory requirements of the client PC are be reduced. Looking at it from the organizational perspective, web apps can save you money on processing costs.

#5: Quicker development cycles

web app development cycles are shorter

Desktop development languages are quite complex and take time to master and use, which causes longer development cycles. Moreover, there are too many different languages, which causes some compatibility issues in development.

On contrary, the main languages used to build most web-based applications are similar (HTML, Javascript, and CSS are the main three frameworks). These are easier to learn and write code in. Moreover, many frameworks can facilitate developing web apps using these languages which can drastically reduce development time and shorten development cycles.

#6: Lower Investment Requirement Thanks to SaaS Model

SaaS stands for “Software as a Service” and has become a very popular business model. Businesses provide service to paying customers via software running in a cloud over the internet.

Web apps are the most common vehicle through which SaaS is delivered, and as such there are no infrastructure requirements for customers like needing to invest or maintain any hardware infrastructure.

#7: Easy to Scale

Since web apps are being hosted on the cloud – they are increasingly easy to scale internet-based applications. All you have to do is create and host the app once – and it can be distributed on any device that supports web browsing. This makes distributing web apps increasingly simple.

#8: Easier Integration

Web-based technologies can also be integrated into other tools that your company uses due to the simplicity and cross-platform support of the development languages that they use. Some SaaS companies also offer white-label APIs, which enable web app customization to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Still Not Sure if Web Apps will Satisfy Your Development Needs?

All these advantages of web apps make web development services an interesting option to consider if you want to scale your business operations.

To sum it up, web app development is:

● Secure
● Quicker
● More flexible
● Easy to integrate with other tools

All these benefits might make you think that the future of web development is bright, and in our opinion – it is.


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