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Welcome to the Scopic Blog

by | March 20, 2017

For those of you who don’t know Scopic, we are the largest virtual software services company in the world, with a team of employees from almost every continent, making us diverse and incredibly agile.

Together, we work on a wide range of software solutions. We bring our clients ideas to life and tap into some very interesting software niches, because, after all, variety is the spice of life.

Being a virtual company has its perks. There are over 200 Scopic employees from all over the world.

We all work together to reach one mutual goal: creating amazing projects. Being an international company allows us to work with multiple time zones, in dozens of different languages. With employees from all over the globe, we have great agility and are able to bring a unique perspective to each project.

Scopic works with custom web development services, mobile and desktop development, which has allowed us to create projects for a wide range of clients. We have had the opportunity to create customized software for everything from children’s games, to fitness programs, to surgical planning.

On our blog, we are eager to give insight into all things Scopic.

Here we hope to share: news, updates, and commentary on the world of software. We also want to discuss our thoughts on new technological advances, and give some expert advice on software development. Since we have the industry experience, we plan to provide a wide variety of educational posts about the virtual world.

In the world of software, many times companies share similar issues. We figured our blog would be a good place to share some of the solutions.
For example, we can shine some light on how to overcome common UX/UI mistakes, or 5 ways to easily improve your website. Since we live and breathe tech, we want our blog to serve as a place to help guide you and avoid unnecessary headaches.

Are there any problems you’re currently facing as a company?
Or any software issues you’d like guidance on?

We welcome all feedback and would love to hear from you. Don’t be shy, let us know you’re out there!

Stay Scopic!

Cara Chatellier

Marketing Specialist, Scopic Software

If you would like to start a project, feel free to contact us today.
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