Simple and Convenient Baby Gear Rental 

Get All the Equipment You Need for Your Little One at Affordable Rates 

The Challenge

Baby equipment is expensive! And let’s face it – your baby grows fast, and whatever you buy now will be obsolete in a few months’ time. All this results in a huge investment in gear you will soon not need. And on top of that, it will take up so much space in your home.  

So why not rent instead? This is where RentBabyTech comes in! 

The Vision

RentBabyTech provides an easy, affordable, and safe way to get all the baby tech you need for as long as you need it.  

You can rent for a day, a month, or six months. The rental service is available for San Fernando and Conejo Valleys as well as Ventura County, West Los Angeles, and Downtown Los Angeles. 

The rental process is also super simple – just reserve the equipment, get it delivered, and return it once you’re done.  

The Scopic Solution

To make RentBabyTech as accessible as possible, Scopic created a simplistic and easy-to-use WordPress website.

The website calculates the rates of different products and add-ons depending on the selected rental terms and period. This way, customers can easily see all the available products and their varying rental prices so they can quickly find the perfect fit for their needs. 

Skills Involved:

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