3D Image Reclaimer

Software that helps you visualize the process of reclamation in real time

Envision the reclaiming process before you dig.

The 3D Image Reclaiming Challenge Summarized

Reclamation is the process of restoring land to its natural state after it’s been used to extract natural resources. This is typically done by filling in pits with substantial amounts of rock or cement, clay, and dirt.

 Reclaiming land is an extensive process and is not a small undertaking. In order to fully understand how the reclamation process will take place at certain sites, companies are faced with the challenge of visualizing the entire operation before they get to work.

The Vision Behind the App

In order to visualize just how the reclamation operation would work, software was required to help companies understand and execute the job. The visionaries behind the 3D Image Reclaiming software realized this and conceived an application that would simulate the reclamation process. To help with this software, they reached out to Scopic.

The Scopic Solution

Our team of developers created the 3D Image Reclaimer application to help optimize the land reclaiming process by simulating it in real-time. The software processes information using 3D sensors around the land to refine and build the stockyard profiles.
It then reads and writes data using an ADS interface to produce 3D visualization of the reclaiming process for its users.

Skills Involved:

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