Chicken Herd Simulator 

A Roblox-Based Exploration Game for All Ages 

A Fun & Exciting Simulator with Cute and Colorful Graphics 

The Challenge

The online gaming platform and game creation system Roblox allows users to interact with each other as well as create and play various video games. This means Roblox users can develop their own games and upload them to the platform. That’s how the idea of Chicken Herd Simulator was born. 

The Vision

Chicken Herd Simulator is a fun and addictive Roblox game where players have to grow their own chicken herd, harvest food, and collect money. The collected funds are then used for upgrades and purchasing tools to make the harvesting more efficient. With simple yet challenging gameplay, players must use strategy and skill to grow their chicken herd and collect food. Featuring cool graphics, the Chicken Herd Simulator is suitable for all ages and is sure to keep players entertained for hours! 

The Scopic Solution

Scopic helped develop the Chicken Herd Simulator game using a programming language called Lua. Our team worked on the features that allow players to gather food, grow chickens, and upgrade tools. We also developed the: 

Quest system with rewards 

Daily and all-time high score chart

Daily rewards 

Rare and legendary item drops 

The Scopic marketing team also helped with copywriting, coming up with creative names for characters and other game elements.

Skills Involved:

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