Christmas Lighting

The app that adds a touch of magic to your home during the holidays

Keep up the holiday spirit.

The Christmas Lights Challenge 

Generally, holidays serve as reminders of things to appreciate in life and they are meant to be enjoyed. However, as beautiful as it sounds, we all know how much preparation they require. From the cooking, invitations, presents and the overall set up, it often becomes a tiresome process with little time left to fully enjoy with family and friends. Most holidays are not complete without outdoor decoration, which traditionally translates to:

  • Doing pre-measurements in the yard (possibly fumbling in the winter cold if it is Christmas)
  • Checking inspirational ideas
  • Sketching
  • Purchasing of materials

Eventually, amongst all the other items to check off the to-do list, the outdoor decor is taken pretty seriously around the holiday season. If it is not well done, it may lead to extra costs and time.

The Vision Behind the App

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. Everybody’s souls get more creative and colorful – ready to go into Christmas mode. Houses become a reflection of the holiday’s festive mood through all the original decorations that warm up the atmosphere no matter how cold it gets.

Hence, Christmas Lightning wanted to help those in charge of this kind of magic by alleviating their preparation efforts. They aimed at finding a solution that would allow people to picture what they had in mind and concretize that without exaggerated costs and limiting the time investment. Christmas Lightning decided to cooperate with Scopic to try to ease this important task for the whole family during the holiday season.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic created Christmas Lighting, a desktop app that allows users to create, preview, and edit the design of their outdoor holiday decor. The frontend experts perfected the user-friendly interface by providing the following features with a simple click of a button:

Upload photos of your property

Add Lights

Add wreaths and garlands

Select trees and nativity sets

Choose any kind of seasonal decoration

And more!

In addition to developing the app from scratch, Scopic designed the user interface and decoration animations. The team also utilized image editing technologies to allow users to simulate their sparkling decorations in the dark.

Skills Involved:

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