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DAZ Carrara

The app that takes 3D
characterization to the next level

Real-life character creation.

The 3D Model Figure Challenge Summarized

The world of gaming and animation has drastically changed over the years. These advancements in technology and application development have also significantly improved character development. 

With these vast upgrades, the challenge then becomes: how can model figures or characters become even more life-like? How can they be elevated to make games or other applications more realistic?

The Vision Behind the Carrara

Daz productions is a 3D development company that focuses on providing specific 3D human models and related content to graphics enthusiasts and professionals. As a company on the cutting-edge of development, they are always trying to improve their popular application offerings and 3D models for their consumers.
To take their development to the next level, they envisioned increased personalization of current 3D models for their users and reached out to Scopic to help achieve this.

The Scopic Solution

To improve on the current 3D graphic application, our team of developers helped DAZ by creating software that would take the 3D human figure customization up a notch. Using geometric algorithms, our team was able to add key specs such as figure posing, editing, and animation to components to human figures.

With new improvements, the user can also practice their texturing and rendering skills, editing their 3D model figures to make them more life-like than before.

Skills Involved:

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