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The Dental Image Challenge Summarized

Dental images are an influencing factor in properly diagnosing, providing high-quality treatment and eventually educating the patient. Through their visual effect, intraoral photographs can become essential in the documentation of a doctor’s work.

However, their enhanced benefits are often neglected. Taking a picture, uploading it, finding the file of the patient and then trying to compare the picture can all be considered as interrupting to the workflow. Not to mention, the dentist may be intimidated by the lack of knowledge of photographic techniques.

The Vision Behind the App

ImageCentrik company envisioned a lot of improvements to essential practices of dental work. The CEO was recognized as one of the early pioneers and experts at teaching digital photography, cosmetic imaging and case presentation in dentistry. He had lectured at numerous locations and trained thousands of dentists worldwide. So, through ImageCentrik company, he aimed to make doctors’ and patients’ lives not only easier but also more effective. Managing dental images dynamically would help in better planning of treatments, enhanced patient and lab communication and professional marketing of the results. 

So, ImageCentrik reached out to Scopic to digitize these ideas and provide the market with a proper solution.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic joined forces with ImageCentrik and built a revolutionary software. It aims to facilitate the altering of dental images into dynamic visuals through user-friendly steps, such as: 



Adding measurements

Adjusting cant

Whitening teeth

Simulating treatment impacts

The software also incorporates a full toolbox of features, including:

A dental terminology and template library

Before and after presentation mock-ups

A drag and drop photos functionality

Customizable layouts with the client’s logo and business information

High-resolution e-mail and PDF-format printing functionalities. 

And more!

Today, ImageCentrik is used by dentists, laboratories, and dental specialists throughout the United States.

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