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Scopic Idleness Automation Tool

Minimizing Employee Idleness

Proper resource utilization through transparent and trackable solutions.

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The Idleness Challenge Summarized

Idle time can occur when managers fail to distribute work properly, leaving staffers with nothing to do once they’ve finished their tasks. There are also cases when companies hire more people than needed for anticipated periods of increased activity. Sometimes that crunch never comes, leaving employees idle. This unintentional downtime can be just as stressful as overwork. After all, a busy day at your job seems to go by quickly as you switch from task to task. A day full of idleness, on the other hand, can stretch on like an eternity and eventually decrease your satisfaction with the job.

The Vision

Scopic’s vision was to help the Resources team with ensuring proper company resources utilization. We believed this could be achieved through an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective workflow. Daily reports and mail reminders that track employee assignments and idleness statuses were essential for turning this vision into reality.

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The Scopic Solution

We worked on the Scopic Idleness Automation Tool, an internal application built with PowerApps. The tool is used by the Resources team to increase and optimize employee efficiency through proper work distribution.

The tool allows the Idleness Coordinator to prepare two types of reports for the company’s Management:

  • The daily Idleness Report which lists all company employees subject to present under-utilization
  • The daily Escalation Report notifies the Managers about the under-utilized personnel

The tool has helped reduce the time required to manually create and maintain the report by 50%. It has also kept the Resources team and Management updated on the high priority, employee utilization-related issues via a set of customized email reminders via Microsoft Flow.
Employees receive email notifications in the following events:

  • An assignment is made
  • A new hire has been assigned
  • Weekly summary for all assignments made
  • Daily summary for the highest priority idle employees.


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