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The Woodworkers Challenge

Creating reports for planning, purchasing and production is always a tedious and long-winded job. The advancements in technology over recent years has the potential to streamline many woodworkers’ workflows.

But even the best craftsmen do not always have technical experience using digital solutions to enhance their design and planning processes.

The Woodshop Owner’s Vision

The founder of SketchList 3D was hoping to revolutionize the way woodworkers and hobbyists work. As a woodshop owner himself, he understood the frustrations many woodworkers faced when trying to use design software and sought to provide a simple and easy-to-use solution that would empower fast and accurate design.

The Scopic Solution

By partnering with Scopic, the idea behind SketchList 3D was brought to life. Scopic created this cross-platform desktop modeling application to help users create intuitive 3D visualizations of their designs. Using C++ and 3D technology, among others, our expert desktop developers created this unique software that allows woodworkers to:
Build photorealistic furniture models in minutes
Craft quality custom designs fast
Create and use standard objects
Spot mistakes early on
Create accurate reports to save time and reduce material scrap
And more!
Working together with the founder, we ensured that modeling with SketchList 3D is exponentially faster, easier, and more affordable than industry alternatives.

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