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Tachograph Disk Analysis

A machine learning app that helps automotive analysts efficiently read tachograph data

Efficiency and Precision.

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The Tachograph Application Challenge

Disc-check technology is a much-needed tool today. The challenge is to build an application with end-users in mind that leads the way in providing transport operators with the information they require when they need it.

The Vision Behind the App

The company behind Tachograph Disc Analysis envisioned an app that would serve as a supplementary tool for automotive analysts, so they could streamline the reading of tachograph data. With this idea in mind, the company reached out to Scopic to begin developing the application.

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The Scopic Solution

Tachograph Disc Analysis is a desktop application that uses machine learning to help automotive analysts read tachograph data more efficiently. This innovative software works with tachograph discs to record and analyze driver activity, speed, and distance. Scopic integrated two distinct custom machine learning solutions to optimize this tool: an algorithm to automate data analysis and other ML technology to improve long-term functionality.
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