TeleRadiology Application

Obtaining and interpreting medical images efficiently

Radiologists can improve patient care.

The Image Portability Challenge Summarized

Interpreting medical images is an essential part of a radiologist’s workflow. The relevant technology and services to perform this has changed and adapted throughout the years. The data has been transferred through satellite communication, telephone lines up to its full digitized recording. Radiologists used to work on-call, just because these images couldn’t be easily portable and so it was cheaper to move the specialist. This led to lots of idle time and low productivity.

The Vision Behind the App

The company aimed to provide a teleradiology solution for the market. Their vision consisted of providing software with speed, quality, and cost being at their optimal levels. The company aimed to increase the infrastructure’s efficiency and improve access to medical care. It was important transferring this data in real-time, which required a robust architecture and reliable environment. Knowing that Scopic offers medical software development  services, they reached out to work on a solution.

The Scopic Solution

Benefiting from years of experience in developing medical imaging software, Scopic was able to build an efficient and complete teleradiology service for the medical industry. Using image processing technology, the specific application allows radiologists to practice and interpret medical images while they are not physically there at the location where the images are formed. Not only hospitals and clinics, but mobile imaging companies and urgent care facilities use this medical teleradiology app to simplify the workflow.

Skills Involved:

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