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Tomographix Quantiva Workstation

Enabling robust functionalities for analyzing DICOM images

Display. Create. Modify.

The DICOM Handling Challenge Summarized

DICOM is a comprehensive specification of content and structure, that defines communications protocols for images in the medical industry. Such files contain:

  • Patient ID
  • Site of origin
  • Attributes
  • The image

Having full control over DICOM images is not that easy. Firstly, they can’t be viewed directly on a personal computer without a proper interpreter. Secondly, their file sizes are quite large. Thirdly, as their data is encoded within the header, it becomes challenging to completely analyze the patient’s state.

The Vision Behind the App

The company aimed to bring innovative improvements to the medical imaging market. They envisioned the application of image processing algorithms and 3D modeling in this industry, so all of DICOM’s features could be fully exploited.

In order to fulfill their goals, they got familiar with Scopic’s experience on such services and technologies, so we worked together towards a solution.

The Scopic Solution

This project takes advanced image and 3D data processing to analyze and display DICOM data. In their search for a reliable healthcare software development company, Quantiva hired Scopic. We helped implement some of the bigger features into their application, including:

Image Registration

3D Model Generation


MPR Display

4D Data Support

And more!

Skills Involved:

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