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Torso Measurement Visualization System

Improve medical practices by organizing patient digital records

Focus on the patient’s experience and the doctor’s workflow.

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The Record-Keeping Challenge Summarized

Data entry is an integral part of medical processes. It is essential when it comes to creating the proper history for a patient’s progress. However, this kind of data may get very voluminous and thus, challenging to organize. Patients have claims, appointments, check-ins, and reportings that are hard to fully document and keep track of. So, going paperless becomes unavoidable.

The Vision Behind the App

The company behind the app visualized a digital solution to this fundamental element of medical practices. They believed accuracy was to be prioritized in treatment diagnosis which could be achieved only through efficient record tracking.

So, they aimed at creating a robust third-party provider that companies and doctors would trust with patient record keeping. It was important for the system to offer enough functionalities through a user-friendly interface that doctors would feel comfortable with.

They approached Scopic and decided to bring their idea to life.

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The Scopic Solution

Torso Measurement Visualization System is a desktop version of TorsoCad, that allows to create patient databases, edit details of patient records and create customized data entries for each of the sessions.
In addition, our 3D experts focused on graphics development and provided a slide view for each record. The visualization of the diagnosis enhanced the benefits that digitized records provide for doctors.

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Skills Involved:

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