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The Image Manipulation Challenge

Images are one of the most important communication tools. Professionals dealing with graphics and images take great care when it comes to the power of that content. Although photographers are able to create composites of analog pictures, it is a very time-consuming process. Numerous different techniques are used for manipulating digitized images. They can get rather complex due to different imaging factors that must be considered, up to a point when they become nonrealistic.

The Vision Behind

the App

The company wanted to turn photo manipulation into a straightforward process. They believed users could be provided with powerful tools, no matter the technique. With simplified processes, graphic designers could play with light and effects without worrying about reflectance properties and illumination points. Having envisioned this feasible solution, they contacted Scopic to work together on concretizing their ideas.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic built Trillien Graphics, an image manipulation platform with tremendous capabilities for professionals. It can be used in computer graphics, photography, special effects, and video game creation. The app’s user-friendly interface offers simple features with a complex background like surface reflectance and scene illumination.

Skills Involved:

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