The app that determines the true quality of the trophies

Accurate and reliable.


The Hunter’s Challenge

In various areas, people get qualifications in order to measure and certify deer trophies. They get quite experienced and are able to see a lot of trophies each year while trying to ensure reliable results. However their measuring practices can become challenging due to several factors:

  • Accuracy – There are multiple data source techniques, complex equations and variables to be considered such as: Length, Weight, Volume, Inside Span, Colour, Pearling.
  • Convenience – Physical examination of each trophy poses geographical limitations.
  • Compatibility – There are 4 established scoring methodologies such as Boone & Crockett (B&C), Safari Club International (SCI), Los Cazadores, and VolumetricsTM.

The Vision Behind the App

The company aimed to provide a quick and reliable way to conclude results for trophy scoring. Certainly, their targeted users were hunters for deer, buffalo, wild sheep, and other animals that are legally allowed. They envisioned a way to integrate the perks of technology in an industry that is overly saturated with old-fashioned practices. This could only be done with robust algorithms that simplified the user experience and ensured accurate volume measurements. They reached out to Scopic to turn their idea into life.


The Scopic Solution

Scopic developed Volumetrics, a software platform that analyzes game animals (animal antlers or horns). The data is scanned and rendered into a unique digital 3D data file. Volumetrics algorithms map, measure, and record it in minute detail. Due to this analysis, the app can then accurately and consistently score any antlered or horned animal in any established scoring methodology, such as:

Boone & Crockett (B&C)

Safari Club International (SCI)

Los Cazadores

The app functionalities include:

Opening an animal antler trophy as a 3D model

Detecting and modifying Burr Planes

Auto-orientation of model

Opening an animal antler trophy as a 3D model

Generating a PDF Scoresheet for trophies

Exporting the model as GIF

In addition, Volumetrics algorithms produce an accurate total volume measurement of the scanned object—a revolutionary breakthrough for the outdoors industry.


Skills Involved:

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