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City Center Psychotherapy

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The Challenge Summarized

Continuous stress at work, relationship problems, life transitions, grief, or any other difficult situation can bring harmful physical and emotional responses. Today the number of people suffering from anxiety, depression, or mental traumas is higher than it has ever been.  Even though the issue is so prevalent, it’s usually challenging to find a qualified psychology professional fit to your personal needs. 


The Vision

City Center Psychotherapy empowers individuals to make meaningful changes and lead fulfilling lives, without being afraid to take the next step. Their team of professional clinicians specializes in the treatment of OCD, Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and other evidence-based interventions. City Center Psychotherapy offers its’ patients both in-person and telehealth therapy options. 


Once CCP moved into the COVID era, it needed to improve its online presence and reach its target audience more than ever. City Center Psychotherapy was searching for a HIPAA-compliant healthcare digital marketing agency, and they turned to Scopic to bring their vision into reality. 

The Scopic Solution

City Center Psychotherapy started to work with Scopic’s full-service digital marketing team to increase the clinic’s awareness and boost its popularity. Our specialists conducted a thorough website audit and optimized the website’s search ranking in line with the best SEO practices. To help CCP draw more clients into their physical locations, and to increase the number of live sessions, our specialists also run successful Google ads campaigns. Last, but not least, we created and managed clients’ social media accounts, extending their reach and increasing audience engagement.  

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Skills Involved:

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