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Helping Educators Keep Track of Student Goals, Behaviors, and Academic Performance

Simplified IEP data & student progress tracking.

The Data Collecting Challenge in Special Education

Every student is unique, which means the teaching approach should be tailored to their specific needs and learning styles. Yet educators don’t have enough time to give each student the individualized attention and support they really need. The challenge is often doubled when working with kids with learning difficulties, who are in need of a much more personalized learning experience. Manual data collection and reporting eats away at the amount of time educators can spend with their students to help them grow and learn.

So there’s a need for a tool that would take those manual tasks out of the equation and leave space for more important and impactful activities. growing your tribe and motivating them to reach their goals. But how can you ensure they follow your guidance outside of your fitness sessions?

The Vision Behind the Solution

After almost 20 years of experience working in the special education industry, Datability’s founder decided to create a tool that would solve this problem. He was hoping to improve student IEPs and facilitate better lesson planning through the use of efficient data collection, analysis and reporting. So he worked with Scopic to develop a data collection tool that would enable a more personalized approach to education for students with learning disabilities.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic, being a full service digital marketing agency, partnered with Datability to migrate their existing website from Squarespace to WordPress, as well as redesign its look and feel. What followed next was search engine optimization copy-edits throughout the entire website for better ranking and increased organic traffic. Some of the services we provided include:

Smart Media Outreach

Smart Search Engine Optimization

Native-English Copywriting

We then continued working with Datability to create informative blog posts on their website with the aim of educating their target audience about the importance of tailored learning experiences. Today, we continuously work with the company by putting our media outreach services to use with the goal of increasing brand awareness.

Skills Involved:

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