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Fajitas & ‘Ritas, Back Deck, and French Quarter

Culinary Diversity and Vibrant Atmospheres in Boston’s Dining Scene 
Savor the Unique Flavors of Boston’s Downtown Eateries 

The Challenge 

In the heart of downtown Boston, the three hip, cozy and fancy restaurants Fajitas and Ritas, Back Deck, and French Quarter were trying to up their game. They wanted more people coming through the doors, more bookings, and to get noticed more in the busy food scene. Despite having Google Ads in place, they were not reaching their full potential. Their social media wasn’t really doing the trick, and they weren’t standing out as much as they wanted to.

The Vision

The CEO of Fajitas & ‘Ritas, Back Deck, and French Quarter had a clear goal: to transform their online presence. The vision was to elevate these restaurants to become the top choices for both Boston locals and tourists. By enhancing their social media visibility and optimizing online advertising, the aim was to attract a diverse range of patrons – from students looking for a quick, tasty meal to tourists seeking to experience the rich culinary culture of Boston. 

The Scopic Solution

Scopic partnered with these three Boston hotspots to kickstart their digital revival. In our social media marketing efforts, we enhanced the strategy to better resonate with Boston’s diverse palates. The average increase in brand awareness across all three restaurants on social media was approximately 22.4%, achieved through creative content, frequent posting and capitalizing on trending events, which has all contributed to an increased footfall. 

On the Google Ads front, our custom search campaigns strategy and daily optimization ensured we targeted those searching for similar spots. This approach led to a remarkable 333.33% increase in call volumes through Google Ads, alongside significant conversions. This success not only boosted footfall but also enhanced brand awareness. 

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