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Fantasy Sports Knockout

A One-of-a-Kind Fantasy Sports Knockout Game

Have Fun, Compete, and Win Through User Contests and Site Games

The Challenge

In fantasy sports, players assemble virtual teams made up of proxies of real-life players. Imaginary teams compete based on the actual performance of the real players.

But don’t you wish you could take your fantasy game experience to the next level and combine it with the elements of a knockout pool?

Here’s where Fantasy Sports Knockout comes in.

The Vision  

Fantasy Sports Knockout is a fantasy league with a knockout pool – combining the best of both worlds to form a unique game like no other.  The platform allows you to pick a team you think will win. You can also choose your players, craft strategies, play with friends in user contests, and even participate in site games for real money.

The players can set a fantasy lineup as they would in daily or season-long fantasy. The lowest-scoring team(s) are eliminated until there’s just one winner left – just like in a knockout pool.

As Fantasy Sports Knockout wanted to provide a unique and meaningful fantasy sports experience for all sports fans, they partnered with Scopic to increase their outreach.

The Scopic Solution

To encourage more users to sign up for updates, Scopic created a landing page via Instapage. The landing page serves to increase sign-ups and interest in the platform before the full-fledged site is up.  

Our marketers drove traffic to the page through a Google Ads campaign. The campaign was designed to target American football and other sports enthusiasts. Additionally, the campaign achieved: 

  • A cost-per-click of $0.70 in just a month (compared to the average cost per click in Google Ads across Consumer Services of $0.81 per display). 
  • A very low cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) of $0.29 in just a month (compared to the average of $0.78 for the entertainment industry). 

Skills Involved:

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