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The Challenge of Leaving Dogs Alone 

Every dog owner knows about the challenge of leaving their dogs alone or with a friend when travelling. Usually, it can be difficult to take your pets with you on a plane or even on a long car ride. So what happens is most dogs are left behind, missing their owners. The thought of leaving a dog is an unpleasant one. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know there’s a place where you could take your dogs and be sure they are safe and free?

The Vision Behind the App

Glencadia Dog Camp came to life when its founder decided to build a dog camp where all pet owners could bring their dogs to run free and be safe at the same time. Glencadia has offered country vacations for city dogs since 2005. The facility has 20 fenced acres, swimming ponds, inside and outside playgrounds, central heat, and AC. The company also offers sidewalk pick up and drop off in New York City, as well as hypoallergenic dog food.

The founder wanted to reach broader audience, increase brand awareness, and attract new leads. So he reached out to Scopic, a digital marketing services company, to analyze the marketing strategy they had at the time and propose next steps

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The Scopic Solution

Glencadia partnered with Scopic to take the company to a new level and increase brand awareness. As a full service digital marketing agency, we analyzed their website and made technical SEO fixes to help Glencadia rank better on search engines. We also started Google Ads campaigns and brought new leads to the website.

Smart Search Engine Optimization

Optimized Google Ad Campaigns

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The outcome of our efforts was that Glencadia’s organic traffic doubled in 3 months. Moreover, the display ad campaign we ran brought 170 conversions in just a week, with a total conversion rate of 8.12% and a very low cost per conversion.

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