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Thompson Scale

Reliable Weighing Systems

Checkweigher, scale, and packaging automation

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The Challenge Summarized

A checkweigher is an automatic or manual machine that helps check the weight of packaged commodities. Checkweighers weigh items as they pass through a production line, classify the items by preset weight zones, and sort the items based on their classification.

When it comes to weighing systems and controls, it is important that they are of the highest standards and deliver consistently accurate results. In addition, checkweighing systems often need to be custom made for unique applications, so finding a company that can design and engineer complex, bespoke checkweighers is a must.

The Vision 

Thompson Scale Company is a leading manufacturer of checkweighing systems and packaging machinery controls. Their products include in-motion checkweighers, universal filler controllers, universal remote digital displays, inline rejector conveyors, and filling machinery upgrades.

During their 45 years of operations, the company has established a solid reputation for providing world-class weighing systems. They had a lot to showcase in terms of products and expertise, so they wanted to create a website that would organically attract their potential customers.

Vision of manufacturing SEO done right

The Scopic Solution

Thompson Scale reached out to Scopic’s SEO Team to get help with optimizing their website for search engines. Our SEO experts started off by performing research on Thompson Scale’s main competitors, and then worked on keyword mapping, URL structure, and content recommendations for the entire website.

After the website was deployed, Scopic set up SEMRush weekly and monthly reporting for the client. These reports help track the results of SEO efforts and their impact on the amount of organic traffic the website receives.


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